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  • How did Lois end up in Detroit?

    47 21.17%
  • Now it's super hacker Lana.

    112 50.45%
  • Why did Lex end up in Smallville Medical Centre after he was shot in Detroit?

    100 45.05%
  • How was Clark able to interact with Lex's GPS device?

    37 16.67%
  • The icky Lexana sex made a disturbing return.

    73 32.88%
  • Why did Lois just hand her phone to Lex?

    76 34.23%
  • Chloe's power is getting ridiculous.

    29 13.06%
  • Lex is SHOT IN THE CENTRE OF HIS FOREHEAD and doesn't die.

    125 56.31%
  • ...and Clark defeats another villain with the patented Kent toss.

    46 20.72%
  • Nothing.

    7 3.15%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What can I add that hasn't already been said. The premise of the episode had the potential to be really something...but like with most things nowadays, the ball was dropped...out of a 50 story window. The Lexana sex was completely distasteful.

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    Talking about plotholes... I am not sure I understand but if Kara lost her memory did she FORGET she had super powers? How come Clark realized immediately he had super powers even when he was amnesiac yet Kara doesn't?

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    Super hacker Lana, lmao.

    I loved the Lexana scene, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lara Lane View Post
    Talking about plotholes... I am not sure I understand but if Kara lost her memory did she FORGET she had super powers? How come Clark realized immediately he had super powers even when he was amnesiac yet Kara doesn't?
    Kara doesn't have superpowers. Clark noticed that she was wearing a bandage, and commented that she must have lost her powers.

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    Lexana sex scene was SOOO disturbing, words cannot describe

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    Lionel was the one who brought Lex back to smallville so he could control lexes treatment with his doctors.

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    Lois was so dumb in this episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humdinger View Post
    Thank you, Nospam, for starting this thread. I checked everything on the poll but Chloe and the toss. You picked up every plothole that I could think of and more. Obviously, Al/Miles are tired of Smallville and they're just throwing out anything to finish the season, which I believe will end shortly. (And probably should.) I love Smallville, but damn, is it too much to ask for a little continuity between eps?

    Was it really that obvious in previous eps that Lex was looking for Kara, cause I missed it. When did Lex and Lois become traveling buddies, I missed that too. I assume nothing anymore in these eps, how many people can get shot right between the eyes and survive? Chloe's power is getting ridiculous, but they have to kill her off someway, so why not have her commit suicide by saving someone? Clark next time? And yes, I hate it that Lana is becoming a computer genius just by setting up a few monitors and typing stuff in a keyboard. Lexana sex, distasteful to say the least. Was that a body double? Lois just handed Lex her phone cause he gave her a ride to Detroit. Lex probably wound up in SMC because the PA was too lazy to go find a Detroit Medical Center sign. And that's my rant, folks.

    There were some definite head scratchers this episode. But overall I liked the episode.

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    Lois, in this episode with a non-super powered bad guy and still didn't get to kick anyone in the head.

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    this might have been the worst episode ever. i just started watching heros I saw all 32 episodes in 3 days. the writing on heroes is like 10x better than the writing on smallville. acting is 20x better.

    i'm seriously consdiering not watching the show anymore after this episode. it was just so absurd. if they had it such that the bodies and clark and lex switched when they woke up....i would have definitely stopped watching this show.

    what is with the dialogue of lois? horendous and cheesy. why did kara lose her powers? the back and forth recriminations between clark and lex is so tired. this show is completely stuck. if it doesn't get much better i'm quiting. i think i've seen every single episode.

    um...lex was shot in the head right between the eyes. coma???? are you serious???? and how could chloe even think about bringing lex back to life when she has to risk her own?????? ridiculous.

    and someone mentioned this. how did the police not find lois and kara at the crime scene? wouldn't they be shouting and stuff...because of the bad guy. i think the editors ruined this episode. clearly the last scene in the show should have come earlier.
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    super hacker Lana. It's just plain silly.

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    I think Lionel always brings Lex to SMC because he can control what info gets leaked to the Press. Why anyone else does the 3 hr cruise to Smallville from Metroplois for ER treatment is beyond reason.

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    It's Lanapedia

    Plot Hole 1 - I am getting tired of Lanapedia, Super Hacker!!! getting shoe-horned into the plot. This is the fourth episode in a row where her new magical computer skills have helped save the day and they made no sense. Clark could have sped through Detroit in about five minutes and found them or tried using his superhearing to listen for Kara and Lois's voices. I'm willing to buy for whatever contrivance they needed to mindwalk Lex, okay.

    However, it was LIONEL'S machine. You think that all frantic in the hospital he might have mentioned that particular top secret project when pressed. I mean, come on. Lanapedia was just tacked on as something to give her screen time in addition to the sex.

    Plot hole 2 - How did Lois find Lex? Why was she tracking him? What story did she think she'd found? How in the world was Lex tailed and he didn't even notice her?

    Plot hole 3 - Lex survives being shot in the head. This one I DO BUY. It's rare but it is possible to survive damage to the frontal lobe like that. You'd be winning the lottery odds to survive but it can happen. Besides, canonically, Lex is supposed to be a healing mutant (the disappearing asthma, the high white blood cell count, surviving a poisoning). If anyone could survive that even for a few extra hours, it would be Lex.

    Plot Hole 4 - Medvacced to SMC? why? They have like the worst doctors ever.

    Plot Hole 5 - Chloe's powers. I get that maybe the FX doesn't have the budget for Chloe to practice her expensive glowy power every week on healing goldfish or whatever, but how'd she go from ToS to controlled healing of Jimmy? Why didn't we ever get to see Clark help her master her powers like she's helped him with superbreath? I know it's costly, but something between Cure and Gemini with her harnessing her powers would have been appreciated.

    Plot Hole 6 - I know they like prolonging the mystery of Kara, I guess, but why is she missing her powers and memory?

    I have several theories:

    1) Jor-El's a dick and he did it even though he told Clark he hadn't. Since Jor-El's taken powers before as punishment it's not too surprising he'd do that to Kara for siding with her father.

    2) Something with the concussions from the destroyed crystal injured here.

    3) At least as far as missing the powers, some part of the blue K ring Clark destroyed fractured off and was embedded in her skin.

    4) Perhaps its psychosomatic and guilt-induced because she sided with Zor-El and he almost destroyed the world.

    Personally, I'm still betting on Jor-El being a dick. However, since we've been in the dark about this since NOVEMBER, it would be nice to have it cleared up. An even bigger WTF is why, exactly, Clark didn't sit her down and explain who they really are and why she must under no circumstance talk to Lex.

    I like, however, the Karex. It's obvious that Lex is using Kara to get to Clark's secret since he's long since ruined his ability to charm the Kent family secret out of Clark. Just like with bedding Lana (and the Lexana scene tonight should have made that point clear), Lex getting close to Kara is just another proxy for getting at Clark.

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    Lex getting shot in the head and surviving definitely. Come on - who survives a bullet in the head. Also the Lexana scene - that was just so uncomfortable to watch.

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    just hate the way Lana is turning out. all of a sudden [B]super brains, super hacking powers, able to run a company(w/o being there most of the time.) Her being able to set up all these cameras in Lex's house when he has security devices.[B]Too much about Lana is not being explained. She seemed to learn too much while in Bejing. She is starting to look like a clone.

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