View Poll Results: When will you stop watching Smallville?

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  • When the show is over.

    170 45.70%
  • When they kill off Chloe

    41 11.02%
  • When they kill off Lois

    29 7.80%
  • When they kill off Lana

    5 1.34%
  • When they kill off Clark

    15 4.03%
  • When they kill off Lex

    4 1.08%
  • Never....the show will go on forever

    81 21.77%
  • Other

    27 7.26%
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    forever!!!! im in denial that its gonna end.

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    As long as it's on, I'll keep watching. Even after the show's over, I'll continue watching it on dvd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chlollie View Post
    When will you stop watching Smallville?
    Good question. Maybe in a couple years, maybe when I die.

    About 15 years ago, my dad saw me watching 'Star Trek 2-The Wrath of Khan'. Knowing I've seen this film so many times I have the script memorized (please don't ask me to play Carol) he somewhat disgustedly asked me how many times I planned to watch this. I told him I didn't know, I just liked it a lot (had anyone else asked, I'd have said 'until I die, fool' but one does not talk that way to one's least not in my family).

    I'm about to watch 'Dallas' from the beginning, and I thought I was done with that show. Never say never, I guess....

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    When I'm dead.

    If ghosts are real ,would like to be a ghost and still watch smallville

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarvelXY View Post
    When I'm dead.

    If ghosts are real ,would like to be a ghost and still watch smallville
    I'm with you, man!

    Seriously though, there will always be a point where I'll think of a Smallville episode or season I'd like to watch again. I still revisit the DVD sets time and again even though the series has ended!

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    Probably when a new show about the Superman mythology starts.

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    After Crisis on Infinite Earths, I heavily considered quitting (some might find that funny). Just taking the DVD:s off the shelf, putting them in a closet, where I store a lot of my DVD/blu-ray collection (due to lack of space on the shelves), and moving on. Ended up not doing it (having calmed down and realized how much of Smallville canon, that you'd have to ignore, just to make that scene work. Making it impossible (no matter how much Guggenheim insists... and why wouldn't he? He wants people to watch his stuff) for Earth-167 to truly be the Smallville universe), though, I think that it took me a while to sit down and rewatch an episode again. Now, I don't rewatch Smallville episodes all the time, just an episode here and there (as I do with most shows. Don't have this need to constantly rewatch the same shows, every week. Tried to rewatch all the Doctor Who episodes, that I have (both classic and modern), once. Ending up watching an average of one story/episode per day. Got so burned out on the show, that I started skipping episodes and ending my rewatch with "The End of Time").

    Thankfully, the whole COIE thing hasn't really damaged my enjoyment of the show (though, there probably are those out there who have had their enjoyment damaged. And I will not dismiss their feelings). There was only a brief moment, once, while watching "Scion", that I found myself thinking about that scene and my brain tried to link that scene to this universe. Don't know what, in the episode, set it off. My enjoyment went down a little, but I was able to move past it.
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