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  • Clark and Lana have another kick at the can.

    30 22.90%
  • Shelby!

    49 37.40%
  • Kara's Matrix-like buttkick.

    25 19.08%
  • Clark and Kara are beginning to understand each other.

    33 25.19%
  • Lex essentially admits that he knows that Clark and Kara are aliens.

    48 36.64%
  • The always amazing Clark and Chloe scooby action.

    24 18.32%
  • Channeling his inner Martha Stewart, Clark made lemonade.

    22 16.79%
  • Lana is back -- and 10 million dollars richer!

    23 17.56%
  • Chloe gets her mojo back and lands another front page story. Yay!

    33 25.19%
  • Lana had some wise things to say.

    23 17.56%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Nospam, you need to add "Kara joins the anti-Clana boat and tells Clark it isn't going to work with Lana." *nods*

    That was my favorite part.

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    clark and lana being together i enjoyed-they dont need to be kissing or having sex right away-it is nice to actually see them be nice to each other, holding hands, making small talk, etc. Im sure all the romance will come. remember, all the times they have done the extensive and heavy kissing, it led to a break up within a few episodes.

    the kara interaction with clark was good with clark portraying the parent and jonathan kent to kara's old clark by mentoring her through his mistakes.

    should be a good setup with lex and the government.

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    It is good that he has Green Arrow & company to fill in for him in the hero department while he sips lemonade.

    I am really looking forward to see Kara & Bart Allen to meet up for the first time

    Hmmm.... Since Kara & Jimmy are going to hook up, that leaves the door open for Bart & Chloe
    "BaLoe"? "Chart""? "Bhaloe"?

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