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    Please Read Before Posting (Important).......

    PLEASE NOTE: This episode will be airing earlier in Canada. Canadian posters ARE welcomed to post about the episode in here, but everyone else needs to be warned that you may be spoiled. Also, remember forum rules about illegal downloads remain, and anyone discussing downloading will be banned from this forum.

    9) Discussion of downloading or any similar copyright infringing activity is strictly prohibited. Do not post any references to DOWNLOADING ANYTHING on this message board. This includes discussion of finding downloads, watching episodes by downloading, software used for downloading or any sites that illegally stream copyrighted content. Any discussion of downloading will result in immediate closure of the infringing thread and banning without warning.

    If you would like to talk about the episode but do not want to see the thread titles of already made threads if you choose please talk about the episode in the Live Thread which can be found here:

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