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    Originally posted by BenSjamin
    I loved the odd chemistry between Clark and Kara. I can see why they chose her.

    Of topic. I turned onto A-Channel Vancouver Island at 11pm and it wasn't on? Is this deal only in the east.?
    Check your local listings. It may not be airing early on all the A-Channels.


    Can't wait to find out what's going on with Clark and Kara's daddies. They picked a great Supergirl.
    Loved the ship. Too bad it's "gone".
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    How did anyone rate this a one? Heck, lower than a 7 even?

    THIS was the BEST episode of SV in over 2 (maybe 3) years!

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    Banned Lexgirl33's Avatar
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    10, I haven't given SV a 10 in a looonnnggg time. It was excellent to finally have some Mythology back in SV. YAY!!!

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    Jun 07
    Was it just me, or did it look like Clark was wearing a different color???

    And loved it...Im psyched about Kara now, and hopefully Lois will spark something in Chloe.

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    Dallas, Texas
    hey, this keeps up there maybe one more season yet in the herizon.

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    Forum Whiz
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    Feb 07
    Maybe I my Smallville expectations are a lot different, but I ranked this a 7.

    Better than a number of SV episodes but def. not as good as Bizzaro which was amazing.

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    Society of Super Mods STFanatic's Avatar
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    It was good, I liked Kara a lot, except the flying.
    Flying doesn't have to be all out zipping around at light speed.
    Except the pause in space, I didn't like it much.

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    Idiot superhippie2000's Avatar
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    i thought it was a great episode looking forward to next weeks.

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    Board Master gategod's Avatar
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    Jun 06

    I didn't like it.

    Clark just seems so ...different?

    Chloe getting shafted....

    Kara .... the point

    Lana... and the clone?...

    I don't know what you guys are seeing that i'm not ...

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    Settling In xHerox's Avatar
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    I am going to give this episode an '8'; not at all because it was a bad episode (quite the contrary, actually) but because it just felt different from "Bizarro", which I totally loved.

    One of the major things I loved about this episode is that it didn't rely on some kind of "Freak of the Week" or anything to tell the story. The complete episode was filled with characters we knew (except for the new editor, but since he will be recurring it doesn't really matter). I really like this idea and I hope we see more episodes like this in the future.

    The effects were also done really well - especially the Fortress of Solitude, which looked particularly amazing during this episode. I can't wait to see the future episodes now that Clark has decided to start training!

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    This show might finally be hitting it's stride, even if I missed the first 20 minutes, I thought it was excellent and I can't remember liking two episodes in a row since Alicia's last two appearances. Maybe Smallville is leaving the stupidity behind. And ClarkMan will be flying fairly soon, my prediction, leaving the 'no flights no tights' in the dust.

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    I gave it an 8/10. It was good but it had a few parts that were just not clicking for me. But it was def a good episode.

    I guess I just didn't like how the new editor was treating Chloe - he could be a little less of an azz to her - it's great that he's a hard guy but a little less of a jerk would have made it flow better for me. Just my opinion there.......

    Glad that CK is finally starting his training and lurking at the Fortress

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    Forum Regular Insight's Avatar
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    I was kind of meh about it. I would probably give it a 7.

    I thought it was going to be a really good episode but the story just didn't flow well. Not that it wasn't a good story... it really was. There was just something missing. It seemed really choppy.

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    Jor-el said that Clark's training begins with looking after Kara because he said that Kara just could be there it doesn;t really look like Clark will train IN FOS at all.

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    Kara and Grant are a good addition to Smallville. What I will say is that I hope that Kara doesn't take over the show. Clark shouldn't be a guest star on his own show.

    I'm glad that Lana will be returning to Smallville next week. I'm looking forward to the Clana reunion! Kristin and MR rocked that scene.

    And in every scene I wanted to b*tch slap Lex!! Lex should've gone over to the darkside and stayed there...this redemption crap is annoying.

    Lex cloned Lana. He's such a loser. Wasn't his Lana lookalike blow up dolls not good enough for this dude?

    That said, based on next week's preview....I am tired of secrets and lies!
    With Lana keeping a secret from Clark, it'll get old very soon. Don't ruin this season again with this secret crap.

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