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    Banned Mackdaddy's Avatar
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    Feb 07
    Searching for Amanda's pie!
    This episode was the best I've seen in while! It had everything Chlark, Lexana, Clana, Chimmy, I might have seen some Mork&Mindy in there A 10 all the way

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    Settling In ITIMAN's Avatar
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    Oct 03
    Edmond, OK
    Last week I griped about not enough SuperPowers!

    Wow, I got them tonight!!


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    Forum Regular niki's Avatar
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    Apr 06
    I gave it a 9/10.
    I didn't really like the beginning, but it really picked up and all the superpowers made me happy.

    An awesome episode!

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    Settling In Supermansthebest's Avatar
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    Dec 06
    Good job Michael Rosenbaum! Excellent episode …Clark used all his powers, X-ray vision, Heat ray, super strength and speed and breath! Lana had a brain…catching onto everything, loved all the Chlark scenes! Teased by the mention of star city and Oliver Queen. I can’t believe Chloes a freak though…loved the end! Totally worth watching…had fun!

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    Forum Regular spideyfan's Avatar
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    Oct 04
    Great episode.
    I give this a 9/10 when I thought this was gonna be a filler...

    I was able to stomach Lana
    Lana is now confused about Clark
    Lex is a bad bad mofo
    MR directing

    Chloe = freak...I dont think we needed that

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    Settling In bball44j's Avatar
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    Feb 07
    Great episode because it started slow and picked up really fast as it went along. Great directing by Michael Rosenbaum and great acting by allthe characters. I gave it a ten.

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    Posting Pro Deana's Avatar
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    Mar 05
    It was good, but now I'm just annoyed that Lois and Martha didn't even get a mention.

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    Forum Regular Markd329's Avatar
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    Oct 06
    Oaklyn, NJ
    Ever since "Hydro", the show has been on a serious roll with the storyline and character developments taking giant steps.

    On of the nice things about "Freak" is Clark starting to use his smarts [swiping the computer at super-speed], ans using his other powers on offense rather than on defense. Also, watching Lana play both sides was incredible, and guess what? SHE KNOWS, but cannot put everything together yet. Chloe telling Clark to use his heat vision on her was an act of sheer bravery, and her trust that he won't incinerate her took a lot of brass ones.

    Mike and Tom are maturing into great directors, they know what to do with the characters in "Smallville" and how to get the best out the story and the actors. Hope they get to do more directing.

    All in all, "Freak" was a fan-frakin-tastic episode.

    Remember, we get "Justice" again [I will watch it until the tape beaks], and the show keeps on rolling!

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    Board Master Rachel B's Avatar
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    Dec 06
    Really good episode. Michael Rosenbaum did a great job directing, and I think all the actors were on tonight.

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    Forum Whiz Darth Pipes's Avatar
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    Feb 07
    Really good episode. The storyline with Chloe is very intriguing and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. Lex's descent into evil is continuing with great effectiveness as well. Nice to see Ollie still involved somewhere.

    Rosenbaum did a good job with the direction of this episode. It had a dark, creepy atmosphere to it.

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    Forum Yoda meteor_phreak's Avatar
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    Nov 06
    Cowtown, Indiana
    I gave this episode a 10.

    it simply had everything i want. It gave me Chlark hope. It gave me an angst and anger free clark and lana. It gave good acting performances by everyone. it gave perfectly evil lex. it gave all the lexana angst that i've been waiting for. Man, this episode had it all.

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    Me no spell good chole_fan's Avatar
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    Jan 06
    Savannah, Georgia
    I gave it a 10. For some reason, I wasn't exactly looking forward to this episode. But, man... It completely blew me away. I loved it Clark and Lana interacted like actual adults! And, it had a great little Chlark scene! Can't wait to see where they take the Chloe freak story.

    And I agree, Rosenbaum did a great job directing.

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    Forum Whiz SuperFan85's Avatar
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    Sep 06
    so now why is Lex all of a sudden kidnapping various Meteor Freaks, implanting them with GPS devices, and then having them killed, instead of locking them up in 33.1 for good like the others?

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    Super Moderator Shadowlord367's Avatar
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    May 06
    I never though season six could redeem its self after the first ten nine episodes. But the last six episodes have had that wow factor to them. When will this rampage of incredibility ever stop? I hope never. But still, the question remains:

    Why cant smallville be like this all the time.

    They were all just killed because incriminating information was found on the stolen laptop. That wasnt always the plan.

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    Banned trying2b's Avatar
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    Jan 07
    Somewhere in the back of my mind?
    Originally posted by Supermansthebest
    Clark used all his powers, X-ray vision, Heat ray, super strength and speed and breath!
    Don't forget about the superhearing.

    Wow did I like this episode. This one was really well written. I'm going to go watch it again.

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