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    Dean's Necklace Discussion and Recap of Speculations So Far

    Dean's Necklace Discussion and Recap of Speculations So Far

    In an interview with Kripe he discussed that Dean's amulet would be coming into play in later seasons and ever since then the Supernatural fans across the globe have lit up a firestorm of thoughts regarding the small amulet that Dean Winchester wears around his neck in every single episode to date.

    Here's just a recap of some things/theories that I've mentioned and talked about with the other members around the world.


    By the way about the amulet Dean always wears I think in an interview I hear once Jensen said that it was an Egyptian amulet of protection or at least that it was Egyptian.

    They show it in a close up and he talks about it at 6:14 - 6:24.

    He says it's "An Egyptian safety medallion" like a protection against evil. Jensen seems pretty damn sure he knows what he's talking about but we’ll have to wait and see if he really knows his stuff.


    If it wasn't Egyptian why would Jensen say it was, at that point in time they didn't have a necklace storyline even created yet so he couldn't and wouldn't have been hiding it's true identity. Jensen sounded pretty sure he knew exactly what it was, why wouldn't he? He's been wearing it for a long time.

    It's definitely some sort of Ancient medallion that we know for sure.

    Why don't I think he's lying?

    Lack of an essential ingredient: Motive, there'd be no reason for him to lie to us, the fans and all the viewers out there that were watching that interview. At that point in time they were filming Dead In The Water which is so damn early in the season 1 and I know they had no plans for a necklace storyline at that point in time, so why would he lie?


    Back when that interview with Jensen was filmed around October 2005 when filming "Dead In The Water", they didn't have a storyline for the necklace yet so it wasn't a problem that the boys were talking about it.

    Unfortunately now the producers are like "Dean's necklace is cool! Oh I got an idea! Let's do something/some storyline with Dean's necklace!" and they look back at that interview and think "CRAP! Oh well maybe no one will remember...?"

    The producers don't want to talk about it now because they're actually doing something with it.

    It's not just JENSEN's necklace that JENSEN wears all the time even when JENSEN's playing Dean.

    Now it's DEAN'S necklace that DEAN wears all the time because it's DEAN'S most prized possession and it's important to DEAN because.........

    As soon as something jewellery or symbol related that was once personal to the person becomes an actual part of the storyline it almost automatically becomes off limits for conversation. Mostly because the producers know they want to do "something" but aren't quite sure exactly what yet.

    Personally I think it's great for the character of Dean and it makes it easier for Jensen to be playing this character's love for this item.

    Jensen has a necklace that reminds him of a friend that died in a car crash and he always wears that or keeps it nearby wherever he is, it’s not THIS necklace but it's still Jensen's most prized possession.

    Therefore it shouldn't be hard to play how much Dean's necklace means to Dean.

    We got to see a glimpse of how much the necklace means to Dean in "Skin" when he practically sneered and ripped it off the “dead” shapeshifter.

    They want to hold as much suspense as possible considering this necklace thing might not even come to pass until late Season 2 or early Season 3.

    It's more to draw viewers and get us all fired up with and according to how many threads I've discovered about this necklace, they're doing a damn good job.


    After extensive searching of more then forty differnt web sites this is a compilation of the information I gathered:

    I believe her to be the God Bat also know as Bata:

    The Egyptian Book of the Dead says:[/b] I am Praise; I am Majesty; I am Bat with Her Two Faces; I am the One Who Is Saved, and I have saved myself from all things evil.

    Bat is one of the cow goddesses, particularly of Upper Egypt. She is hardly ever depicted in Egyptian art, though [b]we find her more often in jewelry such as amulets head is human but the ears are bovine and horns grow from her temples.

    Without inscriptional evidence there must always be an element of caution but it does seem likely, on stylistic grounds, that she was represented on the top corners of the Narmer Palette, rather than Hathor, making her a very old Egyptian deity.

    Our earliest written evidence for the goddess is in the Pyramid Texts, which would support this view. Here, the king is Bat "with her two faces". Even earlier, she may be the goddess depicted on a palette on which stars are represented at the tips of her horns, indicating that, like most Egyptian cow deities, she has celestial connections.

    It is possible that Bat has a presence that maintains the unity of Egypt, both north with south and the Nile Valley with the deserts.

    However, her similarity to Hathor, the cow goddess worshipped in the neighboring southern district, was so close that Bat's personal identity was not strong enough to survive being totally assimilated to her by the New Kingdom.

    Bat is a very ancient goddess with the power to see the past and into the future. This ability is referred to in the Pyramid Texts, where she was called "Bat, with her two faces." The deceased pharoah associated himself with Bat in this form. Later, she seemed to be the personification of the sistrum.

    Bat was not depicted very often in Egyptian artwork, however she was more commonly seen in amulets. She was shown as a woman with a human face, bovine ears and curly horns which emerged from her temples. She is most likely the cow-goddess seen at the top of the famous Narmer palette, which celebrated the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.

    Bat is also famously seen on a unification pectoral in which she, as a sistrum), sits between Horus and Seth. Horus and Seth were the gods of Upper and Lower Egypt. Her image influenced the cult of Hathor.
    In Egyptian mythology, Bata (also spelt Bat) was originally a deification of the Milky Way, which, since it was in early times considered a pool of cow's milk, made Bata be considered a cow goddess.

    She was originally was thought of as the essence of the soul. Hence her name, which is the feminine form of the word ba, the spiritual element that egyptians considered to constitute one of the major parts of the soul.

    Bata became strongly associated with the ankh, a symbol was associated with ba, as it represented life. Consequently, she also became associated strongly with the sistrum, a musical instrument whose shape is very similar to that of the ankh.

    The following information is about an actual amulet that currently resides in a museum:

    An amuletic bangle made in gold and silver c2000-1800BC shows protective symbols including wadjet eyes, djed pillars and ankh signs, also shown is the horned mask of the goddess Bat. The amulet was probably used to place the wearer with a protective circle.

    So what does all this really mean?

    It means that the Goddes Bat/Bata holds the power to see the past and the future. She is connected to the power of life and the soul.

    She is always represented with a human face, bovine ears and horns exactly what Dean's necklace looks like.

    Most important though is that this Goddess is shrouded in so much mystery that the producers for Supernatual can make up what the want the legend to be and no one would be able to say, "Hey, that's not right!"


    I don't think it's a protection against pain obvious, like I said before I think it's the ability to withstand death until the last possible moment.

    Dean takes a hell of a beating in almost every episode yet he didn't suffer permanent injuries from any of those things, which I think is amazing, Dean has a remarkable ability it heal before well and quickly after getting hurt and I believe the necklace allowed him to have his out of body experience so he could try to fight off the reaper.

    I just believe that it enables him the power to resist death until the last possible moment which is how he survived his massive heart attack in "Faith" and it explains his out of body experience/biolocation/fetches/astral projection type of deal.

    This is why Dean didn’t die when the demon was torturing him, why he was able to survive the car accident and was able to fight against death for as long as he did, because the amulet’s power kicked in and helped him stay alive.

    I mean as far as I know out of body experiences are rare and being able to communicate when your dead is damn near impossible enough but being able to communicate while having an out of body experience and NOT being dead yet is 1 in a billion.

    Trust me I watch those kinds of paranormal stories, ghost stories and stuff all the time. I love that kind of stuff.

    Perhaps it's even the reason he was able to have an out of body experience in the first place.

    After all didn't Ancient Egyptians believe in out of body experiences, the afterlife, bring back the dead etc?


    On the other side I can see how the amulet might be used as a trace/tracking device, but I don't think that the demon would even need to use a tracking device, he's got plenty of minions around.

    I think it's a heck of a lot more likely that the tracer was being used by John so he would always know where his boys were and so he'd be able to get to them quickly if they were in trouble or the boys would use it to track each other like a GPS tracer.


    That is an interesting idea, the fact that it might be broken and therefore the power of the necklace would not be nearly as strong as it should be.

    Maybe with it's full power it protects completely against everything evil, painful or deadly, but with it broken it's only able to assist in healing and resistance against death/evil?

    It doesn't exactly look like it's broken to me, then again we haven't exactly had a full on close up on the show yet.

    I think it's more likely that there's another matching or similar necklace to it, like the necklace can be split in two and part of the power can be given away to someone else.

    I got this idea today when I was cleaning out my jewellery box and I noticed a necklace that I keep with me all the time it was a ying yang friendship necklace and I had the dark side of the circle, therefore the ying yang could only be complete if the two halves, both the light and dark side, were reunited and the ying yang would be complete.

    Therefore perhaps with Dean's necklace it is still protective but not at full power either, like a shared power type thing, and to reach full power the two halves must be put back together.

    If that's the case it would explain why the necklace means so much to Dean, depending on who has the other piece and it would provide some fleshing out of Dean's character and likely a pretty damn good episode.

    About their being two halves might be true, it sounds like it makes sense doesn't it? It would explain alot.

    The seeming reason for the weak amount of power protection...
    The sentimentality...
    Why it means so much to Dean...
    The Ying Yang type of effect
    The producers saying the wanted to flesh out the boys' world...

    Adding a new character relationship like a childhood friend of Dean or Sam, who might have the other part/half certainly would do that. When they were young they must've met other hunters with children, it would be an interesting twist.


    Just some stuff I noticed. I wonder if all this about Dean's necklace has anything to do with why Dean's eyes bled in "Bloody Mary"?

    We all know why Sam's did, but when "she" came out of the mirror, Dean crumbled to the ground with Sam at his side and his eyes started to bleed too. Remember?

    I dunno, that look he had on his face, that kind of menacing look when he bent over and ripped it off the shapeshifter, the lighting and everything I thought for a moment he'd been posessed or something.

    People can get very close to pieces of jewellery or certain objects so much so to the point that they feel they can't function properly without it. He looked like if he could've, he would've ripped that shapeshifter apart limb from limb.

    Kinda look extremely relieved to have it back and took a moment to kind of I dunno how to explain it...

    Inhale and take in the fact that he had it again like when someone who's addicted to something goes without it for a long time and then has one again.

    I definitely think the necklace does something, maybe even does something to him like a drug, makes him stronger or faster or cleanses his aura or something.

    I was reading up and some people believe that they are born to be used by the growing darkness and that's why they wear amulets and special religious charms as protection because without them, they would slowly slip into the forces-of-evil/dark power inside of them and they would helpless to fight their dark sides and do bad things.

    We've all seen the darker sides of Dean, we all know what he can be like when he's vengeful. Maybe that's why Dean wears that necklace so the forces of evil cannot use him.

    About the necklace...yes that is what I meant it's just a way for Dean to make sure he doesn't go over the edge and fall into the dark. Perhaps it makes him stronger, or faster or cleanses his aura, because I think it does some TO Dean also.


    I mean I can't imagine Dean would wear something that only acted as a kind of good luck charm or evil ward. Doesn't seem like the playful trinket kind of guy. I'd imagine he'd be wearing some seriously major mojo ancient magic.

    Especially considering ancient magics are harder to break down or break, they're like curses. Curses are almost impossible to break, you'd have better luck just trying to get out of the way if a curse is coming at you. Most believe that Ancient Magic is like that, forged usually from some sort of magic that devries from finding a balance between Mother Earth and the Outer Worlds.

    About the shapeshifter wearing it, I'd imagine that the first thing Dean did to his necklace if it supposedly has powers was to cleanses it's aura. It's a natural pratice and an easy spell to make sure nothing evil is in it or posessing it.

    Then I'd imagine he'd perform a sealing ritual/spell which is a pretty complex piece of magic if you have no idea what you're doing (depends on which one you do, and I'm not gonna tell you how) to seal the necklaces' power/effect(s) to HIS blood or direct blood relatives only.

    If you do that it works like a blood bond/blood signature on a contract or a deal.

    This is done sometimes when people are making deals with supernatural beings in order to stop the being from taking your price or extending your deal and payment to other members of the same family.

    So you make sure whatever you're dealing with knows it's to your blood only, it is singled out to only you paying the price no matter what kind of deal you make.

    If you seal something with the effect dividing between you and a direct blood relative (father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister) that means anyone that has a direct blood relationship with Dean like John and Sam the effect would work on them too but to a certain degree and intensity without them knowing.

    Which would also be an explaination for the power sharing/division. Any Power divided into three would be alot less potent/strong than power focused on one person.

    Therefore despite the shapeshifter copying Dean's outwards appearance the blood would still be different so whatever power is in the necklace would not work with the shapeshifter wearing it. It would only work with the real Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester or John Winchester.

    Of course, this is just my speculation so do with it what you will.
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    Wow! Long write-up! Really informative, though!


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