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    Recap and Speculations: Gordon, Sam, Dean and Ellen

    Recap and Speculations: Gordon, Sam, Dean and Ellen

    *The_Promise's in-depth and extremely detailed speculation on…


    *Warning: May contain spoilers depending on if you've have/haven't seen "Bloodlust"*



    Gordon is a character who is actually very simple, he sees everything in black and white and nothing in between. Gordon sees everything that is paranormal or supernatural in this world as invaders, monsters, things that don't have a place or belong in our world and that all they bring is death and destruction in their wake and need to be exterminated.

    I believe we still have a lot to explore on exactly how John knew Gordon and their relationship considering how their …

    Sam "Did you ever notice how dad seemed to have a falling out with just about everybody" - Everybody Loves A Clown

    but not Gordon hmmm I wonder why???


    Anyways...Upon meeting the Winchester boys I feel that Gordon did feel some sort of friendship with the boys and a unknown bond with Dean, as it seemed as though Gordon saw some useful tools and seemed to tell Dean exactly what he knew Dean wanted to hear. He could sense some guarding from Sam so he decided to focus his attention on Dean who seemed to be more open to him.

    Gordon after that always directed his thoughts and words towards Dean who he could tell in a way was more closed off than Sam to his emotions making him more vulnerable to manipulation than Sam or at least that Dean thought somewhat along the same lines as he did.

    Meanwhile Sam seemed wary of Gordon's ever changing and unstable personality, Dean’s apparent adoption of Gordon as a role model and was not at all impressed with Gordon's display at the mill nor with Gordon's glee with how Dean acted so Sam purely sick of the whole thing left the conversation and went back to the motel room.


    After Sam left Gordon took it upon himself to convince Dean exactly how much alike they were in their actions and the way they went about doing things, that they were both unlike Sam (who Gordon knew was against him). Gordon was trying to build up some kind of loyalty in Dean to Gordon I believe, not really forcing the brothers against one another but if something ever came up for Dean to stand on his side.

    The whole "If it's supernatural we kill it" kind of mindset and Gordon encouraged Dean to be open to him, to show Gordon his weakness after Gordon told his partly true sob story about his sister.

    Gordon explained that he could tell they were both cold blooded killers and that they were lucky that they didn't have to worry about questions of morality or personal ethics in their line of work.

    Gordon told Dean to NEED his job, to let all of Dean's inner rage, pain and anguish just fester in his heart, to let it build and boil his blood until he’s lost all of his emotions and begins killing and hunting without mercy or second thought.


    I think the whole conversation with Gordon actually proved to do the exact opposite of what Gordon had planned, I think it actually snapped Dean out of his cold hearted mood and made him realize how he'd been acting. Like Dean was thinking "Was I really behaving like that...That's not who I it?” Dean made the decision to get the job done but try not be as cold as Gordon.

    Even when Dean and Gordon returned back to the cabin and Dean was concerned about Sam's unusual disappearance, Gordon still shrugged it off, he felt he had Dean completly on his side especially after their heart-to-heart. Gordon was now focused on the hunt and at the moment couldn't care less about Sam.


    Sam came back after being kidnapped by Lenore and the other vampire and immediate took Dean outside to talk to Dean about what happened with Gordon watching and listening in the dark alleyway.

    Dean was startled and in complete denial, desperate not to believe Sam because that would be contradicting everything he's learned and everything that he's just talked about with Gordon.

    Sam told Dean, all about Ellen's warning about Gordon but Dean was just so desperate for a father type figure in his life that he flat out refused to see what Sam was telling him.

    Sam turns around and calls him on using Gordon as a father replacement and how he knows exactly the pain and hole in his heart that Dean is going through with the loss of their dad. Dean can't take anymore and punches Sam in the face NOT because he's angry but because he knows deep down that everything Sam is saying, about Lenore, about Gordon and about everything is dead on.

    Sam and Dean head out to Lenore's lair only for Dean to find out exactly what a cold hearted sadistically twisted man Gordon is and Dean finally sees what Sam has been trying to tell him. Gordon STILL tries to use Dean's own logic to convince him to join in but when Gordon attacks Sam, using his blood to convince Dean of the vampire's true intentions that is just the last straw for Dean.

    If Gordon ever wanted Dean on his side ever again he just did the one thing that you should never do which is attack Dean's little brother and Gordon, once he proved his point, realized that mistake a little too late.

    Gordon's attack on Sam and on top of that Lenore's proof by refusing the blood automatically switched Dean completely to the other side as Dean makes the decision fighting both his own instincts and literally fighting Gordon to protect Lenore and Sam.


    Now I hear people saying that Sam basically saved Gordon from being killed by Dean. I'm gonna be blunt here and say that personally I think that's a load of junk and you ALL know that.

    Gordon started out by fighting dirty tricking Dean into taking the bullets out of his gun by slamming down his knife, doing the gesture that means in combat that "This is going to be a fist fight, man-to-man" and Gordon grabbing the knife again after Dean unloads his gun giving Gordon the upper hand and Dean weaponless.

    In a fight for supremacy, surprisingly youth came out on top over experience as Dean won the fight, tying Gordon to a chair and even while tying him Dean admitted that he WAS a little like Gordon but now he never wanted to be like that again.

    “You know I might be like you and I might not but you’re the one tied to a chair right now” – Dean (‘Bloodlust”)

    * I have a strong feeling that we are going to hear either this exactly line or a strong variation of it said by Gordon, when Gordon has Dean beaten up, bound and gagged in “Hunted”*

    Sam never stopped Dean from killing Gordon, in that whole fight Dean could’ve killed Gordon and I might find the statement true IF Sam had walked back in DURING their fight but he didn’t.

    Sam left in the early evening - middle of the night and helped Lenore and the other vampires escape, and didn’t come back until early morning around sunrise.

    Between then Dean could’ve killed Gordon a hundred times, told Sam it was self defence and Sam never would’ve known otherwise.


    As for Gordon hunting Sam I have no doubt that Gordon would if he got the chance, even without knowledge of Sam’s powers, Gordon still has an arsenal if reasons to want Sam dead.

    The first of course being that it was Sam’s intervention that ruined Gordon’s hunting of the vampires, Sam changed Dean’s mind, Gordon knows Sam is the only one that can really get through to Dean and in Gordon’s mind turned Dean against him when he almost had Dean in the palm of his hand.

    The second being that I feel like Gordon wants Dean to be more like him - colder, stony, no emotions. In order to do that Dean has to go through what Gordon went through with his family and sister and so in Gordon’s mind, Dean has to lose all his family members with John being dead that only leaves Sam who he’s wants payback on anyways and Gordon also knows that the fastest way to affect Dean, to hurt Dean’s spirit and his heart would be to lose his last surviving family member who Dean cares the most about…Sam.

    Now if on top of that Gordon *somehow* discovers about Sam’s powers from wherever, he would feel that it is not only his destiny but that it is HIS RIGHT to kill Sam and therefore prevent Sam from becoming a potentially dangerous maybe even lethal supernatural being and in some kind of twisted way either doing it to protect Dean, protect himself or save the world.

    Like he sees himself as a savior who has to rid the world of unholy creatures and paranormal invaders and doesn’t see the human side of it all because he only understand that “if it’s supernatural it needs to be exterminated”


    As for how Gordon finds out if he found out, I’ll be damned if he hears it from Ellen.

    Ellen warned Sam about Gordon, thanks to Jo’s Hunter Journal we know he tried to use her as bait for a Rawhead (Which explains why see was so worried when she found out Jo had been used as Bait by Sam and Dean in “No Exit”) and it’s obvious Ellen trusts Gordon about as far as she could throw him.

    She wouldn’t even let Jo be around when she was asking Sam about the demon business so I highly doubt she’d ever tell Gordon, someone who she knows is rash, cold and that…

    “He is dangerous to everything and everyone around him” – Ellen (“Bloodlust”)


    “John was like family once” – Ellen (“Everybody Loves A Clown”)

    Ellen cares about Sam and Dean as much as if they were her own flesh and blood. She looks at them and she sees John, to her they are an extension of John and in them she recognizes the tremendous potential and the emergence of power and strength of heart in them. She sees them possibly becoming the kind of man that John used to be.

    John and Ellen’s relationship seemed like it was extremely strong so to her, Sam and Dean is all that she has left of him. Ellen, I would say, almost considers herself to be their parental figure like a mixture somewhere between aunt and mother, which makes Dean pissed off sometimes, but Ellen would die for those boys and she would protect them until the end of the world.

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