View Poll Results: If could change ONE thing about Chloe, what would it be?

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  • Not so pedantic/such a know-it-all.

    28 9.86%
  • Sexier/more Chloevage.

    23 8.10%
  • Stop the emotional defense mechanism/more open with her feelings.

    39 13.73%
  • Less focused on her career/better social life.

    1 0.35%
  • Change her physical appearance/body type.

    2 0.70%
  • Make her a lesbian.

    15 5.28%
  • Less curious/nosy.

    3 1.06%
  • Change her makeup/hairstyle/wardrobe.

    7 2.46%
  • Impervious to Clark's charms/not so hung up on Clark.

    48 16.90%
  • Nothing. Are you freaking kidding me? She's perfect as is!

    118 41.55%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inkpen23 View Post
    I completely agree with this. This is one characteristic in Chloe that is not only annoying but its also unhealthy. As, a Chloe fan, I am sick and tired of seeing Chloe putting her needs and wants aside for her friends and family, whom which in my opinion hardly ever return the favor to Chloe. Her so-called friends and family hardly ever think about her feelings, her needs and her wants. She is always sacrificing herself and usually she gets burned and taken for granted. I HATE that! I HATE the fact that she is so selfless and sacrificial. I would like for her just ONCE to think about herself and what she wants instead of focusing on everyone else and their problems and issues. Clark said so himself, that she is the most compassionate person he knows. Well, I wish she wasn't so compassionate and little bit more selfish because her generosity and selflessness has allowed her friends and family to take her granted and take advantage of her. And that's unhealthy. She is a good person being used and abused. She is too selfless. Chloe needs to find the balance of getting the things she wants in life while being there for others.

    Yes, yes, yes, yes.

    The one thing -- the ONE thing -- I thought Chimmy might be useful for was to give Chloe a chance to prioritize her needs in some way, and in particular to let Clark know he should not take her for granted, as he is so often wont to do.

    And look at how well that turned out. The one person who does actually seem to care is ... Doomsday. That's what happens when you lie like the proverbial rug to your supposed best friend about your crumbling marriage: in the arms of a serial killer.*

    *Which please don't anyone take as a slam against Davis. I think the guy is in a no-win situation, and Sam Witwer continues to amaze me every time he's on screen. But again: supposed best friend is SUPERMAN (well, future Superman). Isn't he supposed to be the guy we ALL depend on?

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    I want my old Chloe back... but's not gonna happen and Chloe will end where no one could have possibly thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by floydfan View Post
    I want my old Chloe back... but's not gonna happen and Chloe will end where no one could have possibly thought
    Same here.

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    I like the whole Watch Tower thing, I think she's seen too much, and helped save the world too much to just go back to reporting on it.

    And Daily Planet Chloe did way too much basement work, in high school she was always on the hunt for a story.

    And meh chimmy ... well it's over now I guess.

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    Just that they bring sarcastic and spunky Chloe back!

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    Nothing, she's perfect.

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    maybe not being so emotional defense machine

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    I want one thing Chloe back to Daily Planet. It's her dream and destiny. Chloe is perfect but just go back to daily planet and tell to clark that it's the one because in doomsday clark want escape something that he's afraid and Chlarkers maybe Clark realize finally that clark has romantic feelings for Clark just an example.
    When Davis said to Clark a world without Chloe it's impossible
    Answer to Clark : go to the phantom zone. What an answer for someone else he would never react like that. And doomsday final scene said it all.

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    I would want her to do something for herself and stop sacraficing her life for everyone else.

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    if i would change something she should be more open and trust her friends.

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    I want her to be redeemed and get a happy ending after all that doomsday nonsense! I love chloe though, i wouldnt change a thing!

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    Stop martyring herself to people, and her school of thought that they cannot possibly survive without her.

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    I voted for ABSOLUTELY nothing. I'm happy with my favorite tiny blonde being the same as she is naturally. She's my favorite television character ever, and that's saying a lot. I was emotionally invested in her journey from beginning to end, and I already miss her now that Smallville's over. Long live Chloe Sullivan!

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    If I could change anything about Chloe:

    *I would have had Chloe stay home the ill fated day Davis rolled into town.
    *I would have had Chloe quit the Daily Planet as soon as Lex bought the paper.
    *I would have had Lana, not Chloe be possessed by Brainiac
    *I would have had Chloe keep her meteor powers and be living proof that not all meteor freaks go crazy or die.

    I really do like Chloe as a character but she had so much wasted potential becuase of the writers obessions with love triangles and squares.

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    I've talked about this several times, in different ways: I would've merged her with Lana. Basically, just take this character and change her name to "Lana Lang". From a pilot/early days point of view, it probably wouldn't have changed anything major about the show (maybe down the line, but I'm focusing on the start of the show). Just looking at the pilot, you could've kept Lana's parents being killed by the meteor shower. Have her be on the cheerleading team, wear the necklace and date Whitney... but we quickly discover a hidden side to her: an obsession with the 1989 meteor shower (caused by the trauma of her parents death), that have led to Chlana (the merged Chloe and Lana) into investigating it and to create the wall of weird. Thus really giving a motivation for why she began going down the path of investigating the meteor shower and started creating the wall of weird (outside of "she's a wannabe reporters... reporters investigate"). After Chlana quits cheerleading in "Hothead", she becomes involved with the Torch.

    I really am of the opinion, that the Chloe Sullivan character should've been merged with Lana Lang during development of the show. Because Lana was supposed to be the female lead during seasons 1-7, yet Chloe was given all the interesting stuff. A merged character would've resolved the issues with Lana, while allowing Chloe to be the person of Clark's romantic affections/occasional girlfriend (as many viewers wanted).
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