View Poll Results: Who should have been the loved one to die?

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  • Lana Lang

    126 60.87%
  • Chloe Sullivan

    25 12.08%
  • Jonathan Kent

    30 14.49%
  • Martha Kent

    7 3.38%
  • Lois Lane

    19 9.18%
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    Lana, as I felt it was the right time to do so, and it would of really helped with Clark and Lex storylines, and Lex more given he departed after season 7, so we could of gotten Lex to his evil self alot earlier.

    But I actually didn't mind that Jonathan did die, I felt it was a good thing to do, but just too early, Jonathan should of stayed on another year or two at least.

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    Lana. Because she's annoying and Jonathan's death didn't change anything. At his father's funeral, Clark let's go of Lana's hand, but even that didn't kill that toxic relationship. Keep Jonathan, but send Lana away.

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    Lana,she totally screw him up.

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    Lana. Give Pa Kent Another Season Or 2.

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    I Liked that they killed off such a beloved character, makes the death effect us that much more! What I do NOT like about it is that they made it Clarks fault! That set us up for WAY TOO much angst for 5 complete seasons. Just unnecesary!

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