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    I know this is an old thread and all, but I have to agree with Senshi.

    All it did was give me a fresh look at some background characters whose stories largely went unexplored in the comics or the cartoons that I watched.
    I got to see what Clark Kent's life was like growing up, which the comics and the cartoons don't show much of. I got to see his relationship with background characters like Pete Ross, etc.

    Although, I will say that I largely prefer the Lana Lang in the animated series over the Smallville version. The animated series version was snarky and fun, even though we didn't see much of her. And it was an unusual role reversal in that she seemed to be the one with the unrequited crush rather than the way around like on Smallville. They kinda made a comedy out of how oblivious he was to her feelings.

    Whereas on Smallville it seemed that in the first seasons she was the oblivious one for a while, and I honestly rooted for Clark and Lana to get together. Not permanently, of course, but I wanted her to be his high school sweetheart until they graduated. I wanted them to have a realistic romance where they'd kinda outgrow their love for each other like so many people do. Yet when they were adults they'd look back on high school and the romance they had with a fondness... because that kind of life was what shaped them into the person they were.
    That is until the writers made her character annoying AF. By Season four I was feeling mainly annoyance every time she showed her face on screen.

    For Lois Lane, I kinda liked that they had her fall in love with CK first over Superman.
    In other media, they kinda make it out that Lois Lane loves Superman more than she loves CK... and sometimes Lois Lane gets criticized by fans because it always seems like she was only a glory hound of sorts...only going after famous and powerful men like Superman, etc. and then being too stupid to not realize that CK and Superman is the one and same.
    In "Lois and Clark: Aventures of Superman", they at least addressed this. They had an episode devoted to the fact that Lois Lane admitted that she's attracted to Clark Kent too but was feeling very conflicted over it because she didn't want to be a two-timing floozy. She even briefly considered that Clark Kent might be the better choice over Superman because she got to see Clark more often than she did Superman. But even so, it always seemed like she fell for Superman first.
    I think Smallville kinda improved things in that Lois Lane got to know Clark Kent first before Superman even came into the scene here... because then you know that her love is actually genuine here, and not just because he's Superman, as some critics claim.

    I also think they improved Lex Luthor here... I liked the fact that they had an actual connection as friends turned enemies, as opposed to the comics/cartoon. Where Superman just showed up and Lex was like, "I must hate this person for no good reason and obsessively target them! There's no explanation at all because we had zero connections to each other before this."

    I did like the JLA cartoon version of him too though, where his reasons for disliking Superman was far more nuanced and not so two-dimensional.
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