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    i want to see his telekinesis develop more! i totally forgot about this until reading over this thread. another reason for me to be so eager to get the dvds for xmas!!
    no, the demon definitely does not want to kill sam and the "children like him." he's scheming to use them somehow.. im not going to get into it b/c there's a thread for the theories. like someone else said, if he wanted to kill sam he could have done it when he was in his crib.
    he definitely can't control his powers at the moment. i want to see them develop. but then also, if he gets too much control, it would be too easy, like someone else said.

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    what if all the children have all the same powers, but r developing one power better then others. that would explain why sam only used telekinesis once and how theres another character ,that we will meet in episode 10,that has the same powere as sam.
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    Its a possibility.

    And just an FYI, but you don't need to use spoiler tags in here, reen16. It is a "spoiler and speculation".

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    so i am pretty new to supernatural. what keeps me watching it lately is Sams power thing. i caught an episode with the "Then" clip, and it was of somebody saying to Sam about the other children or something?

    what does sam have? do we know what Sam's father said to dean before he died? very lost with this whole Sam thing

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