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    Great post. I love the beginning from the origianl superman TV show. That was great.

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    Originally posted by watcher4
    Loved It!!

    Vintage MB.
    I'm new here but I've been entering these forums for a while and I have a doubt. What does MB stand for?

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    MB stands for Magnificent B@$*@**

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    Originally posted by Spindrift
    Masked Man

    "Just another one of the many faceless people your greed has destroyed."


    "That narrows it down some, doesn't it."

    Lionel's delivery of that last line was truly fabulous.

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    Originally posted by JD_lover5943
    Lionel (to Lex): I meant, he's the kind of son a father could be proud of.

    OH, SNAP!
    Totally agree!

    Lex got really chocked and mad >:

    Loved that scene.

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    lionel body is being used bi jor el but when this happens after jor el has used him lionel must remeber everything that why he knows clarks name and that why he knows clark destiny.
    I don,t think he meant give jonathan a heart attack in the barn but he wanted 2 explain he knew clark secert and that it was ok but jonathan could not handle it and took it personel not knowing that jor el is possesing lionel to help clark.
    Also he knows about fortress of solitude and how the crystal formed clarks fortress.
    this was a truly good episode it had 2 be since the last 2 or 3 episodes were really bad accept 4 the 1 with the brianiac in it.
    i could go on 4 longer but i want until i get some feed back!

    lionel feel good factor doing some good 4 the cause

    and maybe a chance 2 bone martha

    Lionel also swaped bodys with clark in 1 episode when he was in prison his spirit went into clarks body and clark spririt went in lionels bodyhe had all clarks power and from then on even when clark got his body back it changed lionel into a do gooder and the evil had been stripped from him!

    The only thing with this episode it ripped off by the movie the saw 1 and 2 is there no copyright on that idea it was not so original!
    I just noticed this is only 4 quotes
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    Originally posted by mortalreckoning
    It isn't enough to simply give when we can...
    Upholding the principles of Truth, Justice and The American Way isn't a matter of's a matter of conscience

    *wow*...wasn't that great?
    Hmmm....truth? Great. Justice? Brilliant. American Way? Errr......not really sure the first two are synonymous with that anymore.....especially in todays political climate......sorry, but that old 'truth, justice' speech is pretty ridiculous nowadays...

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    Martha to Lois

    Martha:"Before i met Johnathon i used to atract DARK and MYSTERIOUS men." (aka. LIONEL)

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    "I hope so, for your sake or you'll find yourself working in a convenient store watching hot dogs spin" - Lionel

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    1) Lex to Lionel: "I brought you in to help run Luthorcorp again. The profits have never been higher. Why would I want you dead?
    Lex: "I may not like you very much, Dad, but you're a very valuable asset to Luthorcorp. Killing you would hurt the bottom line."
    Lionel: "Your concern is truly touching!"
    Lex: I am concerned. A threat against you is a threat against Luthorcorp."
    Lionel: "I've been fending off attacks on my life since before you were born. I think I can handle one more."

    2) Martha Kent to Clark: "Listen to this, Clark. It isn't enough to simply give when we can, upholding the principles of truth, justice and the American way isn't a matter of convenience, it's a matter of conscience."
    Clark: "Sounds like words to live by."

    3) Lionel: "Who are you?"
    Masked Man: "Just one of your faceless people your greed has destroyed. ...You're a man above it all, commanding your workers to carry the burden of your empire. They toil while you profit."
    Lionel (with emotion): "It's called running a business! That's how it works!"

    4) Lex to Clark: "It's a shame, isn't it? It takes a crisis like this to get us in the same room together. Look, Clark, maybe when this is all over, we can try to find our way back to some common ground."
    Clark Kent is speechless and says nothing but looks at Lex.

    5) Clark to Chloe: "Is there a way for you to make the computer go any faster?"
    Chloe (humorously): "Not unless computer skills is one of your abilities."

    6) Lionel and Martha

    Martha (on an elevator): What happens now?

    Lionel: I don't know. I'm sorry that you got dragged into this.

    Martha: Dragged into what? Who is that man?

    Lionel: I don't know.

    Martha: Apex? Failed takeover? What does that mean?

    Lionel: Apex was an Asian consortium. I used it to try to take back control of Luthorcorp from Lex. Lex found out and made a very compelling argument for me to pull out. Apex funded hundreds of companies. Investors were ruined. A lot of people lost everything.

    Martha: All because of you, because of your greed.

    Lionel: No. This wasn't about me, this was about Lex.

    Martha: Lex? About hurting him? You hate him that much?

    Lionel: I was just trying to teach him, Martha, lessons. Hard lessons. I thought that if I removed the temptations that power and money gave him, maybe then he would rediscover his own humanity.

    Martha: Did you ever think of just talking to him, father to son?

    Lionel: That might work in the Kent family, but Lex is not Clark, and I'm not the father Jonathan Kent was.

    Martha: "It's never too late to change."

    Lionel: "I'm sorry, Martha. Please forgive me. You're good, Martha! So many people depend on you, especially Clark....And we both know he.... what a special boy he is. And now because Jonathan's gone, he'll need you more than ever to become the man this world so desperately needs."

    7) Lionel to Clark (after Clark stops the elevator from crashing): "That....was....miraculous.... Thank you, son."

    8) Lionel speaking to Lex: "...Well, I'm just thankful the elevator safety brakes just slowed us down enough to survive the fall. That's enough to make a man believe in miracles, isn't it, son?"

    Lex: I don't suppose that Clark didn't have anything to do with that divine intervention. Dad, I heard you say what a special boy Clark is. What did you mean by that?"

    Lionel: "I meant that he's the kind of son a man could be proud of."

    Lex: "One minute he's standing in the same room with me.....the next minute he's across town."
    Lionel: "You're still obsessing over him after all these years. Clark Kent's a simple farm boy. Let it go, Lex. Let it go."

    9) Clark and Lionel quotes:

    Lionel: "I've been expecting you, Kal-El."

    Clark: "How long have you known?"

    Lionel: From the moment I held in my hand the crystal that helped to form your Fortress of Solitude." (Is Jor-El in Lionel)?

    Clark: The one that put you in a coma.

    Lionel: Coma? I'd like to think of it as a state of contemplative repose.

    Clark: "You've know my secret for almost a year."

    Lionel: "Yes."

    Clark: "Why haven't you done anything?"

    Lionel: "What? Expose you to the world? Some strange visitor from another planet? I tried to tell you, I am not your enemy. To reveal your secret would change your destiny. And it would harm someone I care about very deeply." (So, maybe Jor-El is in him).

    Clark: You had a kill my mother or to kill yourself.

    Lionel: I could never harm your mother. There was no choice.

    Clark: Yeah, unless you knew the gun wasn't loaded.

    Lionel: You have no reason to believe anything I say, I realize that. But I hope that eventually you will come to trust me. I only want what's best for you and your mother, son.

    Clark: You don't call me that! Jonathan Kent was my father.

    Lionel: No. I'm not trying to take his place.

    Clark: You couldn't! My mother seems to think there may be some good in you, but I'm not so sure.

    Lionel: It takes time, Clark. Maybe you will be.

    Clark: Or maybe you'll just show your true colors. Secret or no secret, you stay away from my mother, or you'll wish I never saved your life.

    Clark Kent walks out the door. Lionel Luthor gets a headache, put his hands around his head, and writes something down. This is the end of the episode Mercy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay dante View Post
    "I hope so, for your sake or you'll find yourself working in a convenient store watching hot dogs spin" - Lionel
    I like that line

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