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    In my house.

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    Are you guys being serious about that episode?????

    Thats the worst ever episode of Smallville.

    A kid and her Dad who can smash glass....whoopdi doodle do!!!!

    I understand the need for filler episodes, but at least make it half decent - eg like the one with Maya, or Lexmas, they were enjoyable.....see if that episode never even occured....we wouldnt have missed anything.

    That episode should really only have been about say 7 minutes long - the Brainiac update, Chloe/Lex showdown, and Lana/Lex interaction - thats all that was relevant!!!

    Who the hell cares about a kid with LAME powers and her Dad....

    Y'know, I LOVE Smallville - I see heaps of folk moaning about it and how bad the writing is, how fed up they are of this, that etc etc....but maybe I just dont take it as seriously - I dont think Ive ever seen a episode of Smallville I really hated (at least one doesnt stick out in my mind) - but I watch 5 TV series and thats the worst episode ive seen from all of them.

    And yeah Lois has chief of staff now, well done, thats great. Well done on the writers part for giving Lois something to do in the 10 minutes she has in each of her 15 episodes. Again, like I said with the whole episode, would anyone really notice if she wasnt even in the programme - its like Kim Bauer from 24 - just a bit of totty with no real function. Pack her off to Metropolis and Clark will meet you again in about 2 years.

    Please just hurry the hell up with these mythos storylines involving the Luthors and the Krypto villans - who the hell cares about a little kid who can smash glass - if WB want to do another episode like that just have a free week, or show a repeat, it would be far more productive.


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    1000 More To Go!! Welling_is_pretty's Avatar
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    in the land of denial
    My two cents (again...):
    This was not a great episode. But neither did it stink.
    There were some great moments (basically any interaction between Clark and Maddie) and some terrible ones (the Lexana stuff). It had shades of Stray and brought back memories of Ryan, as has been noted by others.
    But, as has been noted by many (and I do mean many), ithad the best portrayel of Clark we've seen for a long time. And the first time since the early seasons that I have really felt like they are moving him toward being Superman.
    (In fact, I loved how there was even a little "thing" there that connected to the Superman movies in that Clark "promises" Maddie and all and she just opens up to him. It forshadowed people's love for him and also the whole "Trust me, I never tell a lie," persona. Loved that!)
    It was also nice how they kept working Jonathan Kent into the episode but that it didn't bring the eppy down. Very nice and believable.
    So yeah, it had it's good points.
    And bad. The father thing was overdrawn and overblown. (and badly acted, I might add.)
    The fact that this kid seemed to get control of her powers so quickly after not for so long, and without practice like Clark did seemed kinda unbelievable.
    And once again Clark turns to Chloe when he could do some of that research stuff on his own!
    Also, I can't believe that would be how Lois would react to a kid. Like she said, she has a little sister so I'm sure she'd know that kids don't like being treated, well, like kids.
    And the Lexana thing (aside from just a general me-not-liking thing) seemed forced and uncomfortable.
    So there were bad points to.
    In short (too late!), it was uneven but worth watching and I would like to see Maddie return.

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    Forum Whiz cayayofm's Avatar
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    Well, there we have it, the worst episode of the season. How many times are we going to see the same plot? Clark finds a kid with special abilites and try to help him. I don't think i can take this much longer. The only scene that I liked was the one where Chloe confronted Lex at the mansion, evrything else sucked.

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    New In Town
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    does anyone else realize how disgusting it looks lex and lana kissing?

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    New In Town
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    Sep 05
    I liked this episode. Parts of it reminded me of the innocence that season one had. It made me kind of nostalgic afterward and I thought TW did a great job directing.

    One more thing, kill off Lois. God I hate that woman.

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    Yankees Fan myankskent's Avatar
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    Originally posted by Freemind
    I liked this episode. Parts of it reminded me of the innocence that season one had. It made me kind of nostalgic afterward and I thought TW did a great job directing.

    One more thing, kill off Lois. God I hate that woman.
    I'm not sure about killing Lois off, but she shouldn't be on the show right now. It's pretty obvious that TPTB have decided to give Chloe and Lana bigger roles and leave Lois as a character who appears once in a while to crack some jokes. She's a decent character, but as Lois Lane, she is a disgrace to the comics.

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    My main gripe is the fact that we are so late into the season and we still have very little mythos if any, Milton Fine, is rarely to be seen, seems like most of the eps are 95% filler 5% substance and just no overall actual storyline. I mean i could've just watched the trailer for this week and figured this ep out or any other week. I am really upset at the writing i mean this is ep 18 man for Gods sake what is wrong with the writers, they are waisting the season away when it could be so much more!!! They had immense momentum going into the season but it has definately died off and been forgotten about. "The season that will change everything" anyone remember that quote! The only thing that really changed was that Pa Kent is dead. This is very upsetting stuff. I wish they had proper writers who knew a bit morea about superman mythos and a whole lot more about writing. Terrible, just terrible.

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    Forum Regular The_Promise's Avatar
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    My Review of Smallville Season 5 Episode 18 "Fragile":

    Tom Welling Directorial Debut!

    I absolutely loved this episode! Tom Welling was perfect director for this episode and the scenes were both beautifully filmed and directed. The lighting was dead on and the shots of the Kent house inside and out were filmed beautifully. I also like how before the episode came on they highlighted the fact that this was Tom Welling directorial debut. Made me smile.

    Echoes Of The Past

    This did remind me of another Ryan/Evan episode but for difference sake I liked how they picked a girl this time for the part and not a boy, there just seems to be way to many male meteor freaks, maybe it's genetics like the mutant gene...Anyways I am straying off topic into my own little world, sorry about that.

    Tom Welling is going to be an amazing father when the time comes, from the lessons he's learned on Smallville and especially from the senior actors like John Schneider and Annette O'Toole.

    Strange Faces

    By the way...Hands up whoever thought that Maddie looked like the little sister to the girl that plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter? I was like isn't that...nah but she looks so much like her.

    The Good & The Bad of "Fragile":

    Clark Kent

    Clark was just so completely gentle, sensitive, loving and caring with Maddie.
    He just seemed completely at peace with her, helping her with her powers, using humour to break the tension, explaining and showing her that she could trust him.

    I was smiling the entire time when Clark and Maddie were talking about their fathers. The love and the tender emotion in the words about his dad, you could almost feel Jonathan Kent's presence in the room, and could almost, in your head, see Jonathan putting his hand on Clark's shoulder and smiling.


    I gotta admit I also am completely having mixed, something about it just seems wrong and being so close behind the tails of the Clana break I'm not surprised that some people see it the same way especially Clana fans both old and new. He just feels more like...I dunno how to explain it...a big brother or me it just feels weird and being so used to Clana for years, I think I might have actually flinched to turn away when they kissed but I held my ground.

    Lex Luthor

    Lex was very nicely manipulative today, with the seafood dinner discussion and getting Lana to convince herself she fully trusted Lex. I didn't appreciate the fact that Lex ragged to Lana about his conversation with Chloe, it just didn't seem like Lex's character trait of fighting his own battles. Lex's hunt for Dr. Milton Fine is proving to be quite the treat as fans can now join the hunt at but unfortunately I hoped there would be a little more about Fine in this episode, oh well, ya can't have it all can ya?

    I just found it quite interesting that Maddie had superpowers, Lois almost got "sliced, diced and pureed", Mama Kent was life threatened, and Lex did not know about it or even enter that storyline at all. Lois mentioned calling Lex but I guess never did. Usually Lex knows about basically everything that happens in Smallville, just seemed odd, though he was probably too manipulative Lana and hunting for Fine using AOL.

    Kinda of funny you can hunt a kryptonian using AOL and can find a medieval witch spellbook on E-Bay. I'm gonna go look for a time travelling crystal...

    Lana Lang

    Speaking of Lana... Lana says she trusts him, says to Chloe they are just friends and even in the last 5 minutes she says it's ridicious to think that they could be more than just friends, then after Lex kisses her, she looked half horrorfied/half stunned and then...she kissed him back. I knew that was coming and I read all the spoilers but when I was watching it my thought was still what the....

    Something feel out of character...

    She said to Clark in the last episode that she was never gonna be that dependent on someone ever again and this episode she made it seem clear that a) She knew what she was doing and b) That she was was not going to become someone's prey...maybe Lana's up to something...

    Chloe Sullivan

    Chloe was 100% perfect and at her best in today's episode. Chloe's discomfort at seeing Lex and Lana in the dorm room was so appropriately perfect. Chloe was once again helping Clark, lending support and standing up for her not to be used as Clark's personal "covert spy". I just had to clap and cheer a little at that part it was so strong.

    Chloe's concern for Lana being with Lex, while a little too forceful and saying that Lana may be doing it to hurt Clark, was completely spot on and I doubt Lana would have been so angry if Chloe hadn't been so completely right.

    My favourite bit in the episode had to be the infamous Chloe and Lex battle of words. That was some of the best lines and script writing I've ever heard. Chloe was completely on the attack and trying to defend Lana at the same time and just when she thought she had the last word, Lex just smile wickedly and would proceed to hit Chloe in a spot way below the belt. Half the converation had me covering my mouth gasping and thinking "I can't believe [insert name here] just said that!!!

    Of course, Chloe got the last word in to prove to Lex and the the fans that no one can beat Chloe Sullivan in a battle of verbal judo and that she still is "The Slickest Blond You'll Ever Meet".

    Shelby Kent

    I was glad to see the return of Shelby, I was beginning to worry about the poor thing. It goes to show: Shelby is the new Pete and gets just as much screentime too.

    All kids, dogs and old women just love Clark! It's the people his own age he has the problem with lol!

    Lois Lane

    Lois was once again the comedy relief of the episode and I liked how Lois thought she knew all about what little girls like and how taking care of Maddie would be so easy because she had a little sister that she basically raised and then she realized Maddie didn't like her and that she had no idea what to do.

    I would have liked to see more of Lois defending Mattie against the Children Services person then perhaps even Maddie liking Lois a bit more and hiding behind Lois and calling for her to get Clark. That would have made the scene better, when Lois was talking to the Child Services Representative, it just seemed to be digging herself a deeper hole every time she said something.

    Lois is all of a sudden Martha's Chief Of Staff? I understand the woman who was Maddie's foster mom because she had all those charities and qualifications but Lois is "a muffin peddling college dropout" I don't understand that Lois could be anywhere near qualified for the job and once again the question is: Who will run the Talon now?

    Lionel Luthor

    Lionel was not in this episode at all, which I thought after the tension and dicovery last week there would at least be I dunno SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Why hasn't Clark told his mother that Lionel knows his secret? Does Clark think ignorance is bliss or that it's really too much for Mama Kent right now? The more Clark puts it off, the more tangled in Lionel's web Martha will become and I believe Clark's hesitation to tell Martha, will end of hurting her.

    Martha Kent

    Martha was hardly in this episode at all really which kind of disappointed me a little in a reason that I can't really put my finger on, but it just seemed Clark was doing ALL the parenting in the episode. Martha may have been there but the only time she had presence in a scene was when Clark was talking about Jonathan and she stood by the window and they shared loving glances.

    I guess Martha was too busy getting ready to be tortured in the next episode which looks absolutely terrible like a really bad Smallville version of SAW.

    Product Placement

    Is it just me or are you not as fond of the constant and sometimes over blatant, smack-in-the-face style product placement. You all remember "Forever" and "Reckoning" or should I say "House Of Wax" and "Final Destination III". At first I was like okay they want inspiration but now it's just like "Why? WHY? Why, for the love of Smallville, are you doing this to us?". Makes me wanna go and shoot The Big Cat upstairs.


    I give this episode 3.5 stain glass windows out of a possible 5.
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    New In Town
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    Ridiculous and boring

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    I loved it (except for Lois with Maddie)!

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    agreed lastfatherofkrypton!

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    Originally posted by WangTang
    okay episode, and had some good moments. Atleast this season is better then "THE QUEST FOR THE ARTIFACTS" of last season. I mean anytime you try and mix indiana Jones globetrotting with possesed Lana lang, and wicthes lol. This seasons plot seems interesting, but i can tell that the show will be jumping the shark next season .
    UNFORTUNATELY, I think the shark was jumped in the last minutes of this episode
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    I absolutely HATED this episode, well only the maddie parts and that whole storyline. seriously, it had me laughing and i was ashamed for watching smallville.

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