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Thread: Ep 1.1 - Pilot

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    ^In this instance she's la llorona (the crying woman), a Hispanic legend about a woman who drowns her children to be with the man she loves. Her lover rejects her, and so she wanders, crying and looking for her drowned children. I thought using that tale was kind of a cool start to the series.

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    Question about Dean rescuing Sam at Stanford:
    I am on my 4th time watching the entire series from start to finish and I have a question. Dean drops off Sam at his apartment and drives off. Sam goes upstairs, apparently grabs a quick snack then sits/lays on the bed to find Jessica on the ceiling. Flames erupt, Sam screams and then immediately Dean bursts through the door to save him. Where exactly was Dean? How did he get there so fast?

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    Throughout the series, Dean has never really done a speedy getaway after saying goodbye. He was still there probably debating with himself if he should let Sam really go. At this stage of the series, Dean's problem with being alone is just being fleshed out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdlady331 View Post
    Where exactly was Dean? How did he get there so fast?
    In the deleted scenes from Season 1, we see that Dean had driven off and then decided to go back. He had turned around and was heading back to talk to Sam once more. That's how he got there so fast, he was already coming back to see Sam.

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    I enjoyed the pilot.
    The ghost is really scary.
    I keep thinking about the show at night, and have to pull a blanket over me.

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