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    Quote Originally Posted by Smallville_Angel View Post
    "I would die before I ever betray you"
    And there is why I'd love a friend like Chole - oh hell, I've already got a few like that.... talk about loyalty.
    omg... that scene was great, her face was soo... I totally buy it.

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    " its good your embracing your kryptonian side clark, theres nothin human about you anymore" season 9 ep 1 clark and chloe in the barn talking bout jimmy and his death.

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    Basically I just love Chloe's dialogue because half the things that come out of her mouth are puns.

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    i think she once said something like

    "she graduated with more degrees than a thermometer"

    ----- Added 4 Minutes later -----

    Quote Originally Posted by friendsita View Post
    omg... that scene was great, her face was soo... I totally buy it.
    i absolutely loved it too
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    hope this doesn't annoy a mod or anyone. But I have a chloe part for a vid collab.. and I can have a voice over bit. Was hoping I could get some suggestions for Chloe quotes.. something that could be considered defining for her.

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    a girl can't ever have too many spoons (ESCAPE...TO OLLIE)

    You took Lois on a romantic getaway to some sort of a bed-and-breakfast. And while I doubt that the whole breakfast part poses any problem, I seem to recall you having some concern about the beds and non-powered people and what would happen in the beds with the non-powered people...

    Oh, come on, Ollie. Throw out the white flag. It's Lois. She makes Susan B. Anthony look like a quitter.

    Zod doesn't want to play Thunderdome on a planet that is desolate. (salvation)

    Clark: Are you saying it's selfish for me to try to save people?
    Chloe: You think I want you to go? Clark, I can't imagine being in this world without you. Look, you've inspired an entire team of heroes who will be here to protect us. And maybe your true purpose is to lead your own people. (salvation)

    Clark Kent at the keyboard? Have I been downsized in the bureaucratic world of superheroes? (upgrade)
    I should have known that Clark took a walk down the ruby-red road. That's explains his lack of edit button.(upgrade)

    to clark: No disrespect to your Kryptonian calling, but coming back to feed the dog is about as human as it gets. (metallo)

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    (Wrath) Chloe: Woah! Someone's been eating their wheaties!

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    Is This Costumes Only. Absolute Justice.

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    "It's not really trust if you have to ask people to explain themselves." - Collateral

    This is my favorite Chloe quote. This is something i personally believe in.

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    "Clark Kent would have to be ON drugs to be on drugs"

    That was a good one! The old classics never run out of style.

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    One of my favorites, is when Clark tries confiding in Chloe, about his difficulty with intimacy. Chloe tries explaining it verbally, and suddenly gets very uncomfortable...

    "OK, so you're afraid that in the heat of the moment, you could lose control, and..........please don't make me finish this, Clark."

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    "It's just hard thinking you weren't good enough for someone to love." Season 2 Episode 7

    "I'm a writer. If I was gonna kill myself, I would leave one hell of a suicide note." Season 5 Episode 14
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