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  • Witches

    42 62.69%
  • Vampires

    25 37.31%
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    Vampires just have that... well to put in bluntly... they have that sex appeal, most people want to be vampires for various reasons, immortality, drinking of one's life essence, they seem to attract the opposite sex much more often... well those are the reasons i like them

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    Well i would choose neither because KK is a bad actor

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    If I had to pick between witches and vampires, I'd have to go with witches. Especially with how everything was handled on the show. Isobel marked the introduction of magic (something that can hurt Superman. Giving him an antagonist who isn't dependent on Kryptonite), setting up the introduction of magic users Zatanna in season 8 and John Constantine in season 11. The vampires were a one-off (who, unlike isobel, had no greater evil plans than partying forever), setting up or leading to nothing down the road. The only reason that Vampire Lana was able to subdue Clark was because of green K (placing the show's vampires in the category of villains that are only a threat to him, if they have Kryptonite).

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