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Thread: Music

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    You want a fantastic music soundtrack?

    try Six Feet Under

    the musical choices made on that show is either perfect or inspirational

    i mean watch the finale, dont tell me that Breathe Me by Sia could be topped by anything else?

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    DARKRAGE, I'd love that. I've thought that for years.

    By the way, did anyone notice how much the lyrics to "Precious" by Depehce Mode TOTALLY applied and were foreshadowing for the downfall of Clark's relationships with both Lana and Lex? (They played the lyrics when he was talking to Lana, and then when they showed Luthor Corp).

    For those who don't know, the main chorus of the lyrics (the part played when they showed Luthor Corp) is:

    "Things get damaged
    Things get broken
    I thought we'd manage
    But words left unspoken
    Left us so brittle
    There was so little left to give"

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    yes I think the songs are chosen for the lyrics and how they apply to the current situation they are used in. I love that about this show. Awesome music!

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    Up to now the music that they 've used on the show it's great. I would like to hear (in a Clarck and Lana scene ONLY) the song "Carnival of rust" by Poets of the Fall. Listen to it and you'll know what I'm talking about....

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    Depeche Mode's Precious was perfect for the ending.

    I really love DM's music.

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    After hearing this song Precious by Depeche Mode, I always think of Smallville whenever I hear it now. So perfect

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