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    Iron Man (1994-1996)

    Did I seriously use to watch this as a kid? Decided to check out the first episode. You know, this one really felt like a toy commercial (unlike the other '90s Marvel animated shows, that I've previously looked at). You have all of these characters onscreen (both heroes and villains), but no one is really fleshed out. Tony Stark works alongside War Machine, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Century (an obscure character from the 90s. Apparently, basically, only appearing in a single comic book series) and Scarlet Witch. Why didn't they just call this show "The Avengers"? Iron Man's team are all people that he's worked with for some time. It's not like X-Men The Animated Series, where you have Jubilee come in as a stranger to the world of the X-Men (and needing things explained to her. Creating an organic way for the writers to give the audience exposition). A big difference is that all the X-Men are mutants, so you have a singular origin. Here, we don't know how each member of Iron Man's team got their powers.

    Some Russian sailors are turned into monsters, but they get restored to normal by Century (so, don't worry, kids. No one has been killed).

    There is a moment, right before Tony puts on the helmet, that he turns from traditional animation to computer animation, for no apparent reason. He puts on the rest of the suit in regular animation. So, clearly, computer animation wasn't needed for the suiting up sequence. I don't know. Maybe they had done a test, but opted for traditional animation. However, wanted to use part of the test, because they had spent money on it.
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