Decided to check out a few episodes of this show. Ended up watching the first five of season 1, and the 12th of season 2. I'm 99% certain that I watched this show as a little kid. Because I remember recognising the Ewok village, the first time that I watched Return of the Jedi, from something. If not this show, then what? If it was from this, then this show was my introduction to the Star Wars franchise.

Reflecting over the episodes, that I watched. I don't think that the show's in the same league as Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985), the better of the two TV movies. I liked the callbacks to the two TV movies, with the firefolk, the crystal image spinner, and the mantigrue. Nice details for the sake of continuity. However, it doesn't change the fact that the adventures of the residents of this Ewok village get boring pretty quick. I decided to skip to the 12th episode of season 2 (the one where they have the Empire show up), but I found that episode pretty boring also.

The sunberries made me think of the gummiberries from Adventures of the Gummi Bears and those berries from The Smurfs. Were berries like an 1980s thing? Not that I'm comparing this show to The Smurfs. For one thing, this show have numerous female (Ewok) characters (named and developed). Whereas the Smurfs is the origin of the term "Smurfette principle".

I liked the whole "Festival of Hoods". A right of passage for youngsters in the society. Gives the feeling that they've given some thought behind Ewok culture.

The show was a prequel to the two TV movies, which were themselves prequels to RotJ. No idea why they insisted on going backwards with the Ewoks. Why not have either the show or the TV movies or both take place after the events of RotJ? Why not have the animated series be a sequel to Battle for Endor? Of course, when the first season was being made, there were still talks of a third TV movie. So, you'd end up with a ca. 1986 TV movie, needing to follow and line up with a 1985 animated television series. Might even contradict each other.