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    Lara Queen's YouTube Videos

    Hi there. Here are my Youtube videos featured on my page which I hope you'll enjoy ranging from my Deviantart artwork and various different shows I've done using video makers as my medium.

    The first one's aren't as good as the others as I was just starting out then but the latter's are improved though.

    My number one Charmed/Supernatural crossover featuring Castiel and Phoebe.

    Second video containing angel Castiel and PLL's Aria.

    My Deviantart work from a while ago which I've updated since.

    And my Charmed/Witches Of East End pilot video.

    Recent video I made on Stargate Atlantis this week to go with the 3 Charmed/SGA crossover stories I've done at the moment.

    My tenth video dedicated to the characters of Charmed and song themes I think best describes them.

    Three Charmed fan fiction opening credits I done complementing my season 2 series which feature different characters who appear throughout and then leave whenever basically.

    Number one shows everyone at the start.

    Number two leaves out Jenny Gordon who departs a quarter of a way in.

    And number three not features Dan who leaves on Piper's wedding.

    My newest charmed fanfiction opening credits for the current season I'm on this being the first featuring Andy the second not because he leaves subsequent to "Charmed Again Part 2" after what happened to Prue.

    Unlike season 4 which most of these clips show I added in powers also as well as place Mel, Piper, and Paige in the appropriate order pertaining to old they are that being 33, 26, and 23.

    Hope you enjoy.

    My second current season fanfiction opening credits showcased the rest of the year minus Andy obviously.

    Sherlock/Charmed crossover video based of, of an idea I had in my head of the two shows meeting after the London men discover a serial killer has now struck San Francisco with the two discovering about demons and magic though Sherlock the skeptic he is not believing a word of it despite the evidence laid out in front of him.

    Sorry about the video quality but this was done when I first made videos and wasn't quite up to scratch on things yet.

    A second Charmed character theme video I have done featuring more people and what songs I think suits them.

    A video I've done showcasing my original character Melissa having premonitions.

    Charmed opening credits I have done Supernatural style using the latter shows after title card character font and end credits seeing how well both shows might go together.

    Here are two opening credit videos I edited featuring Charmed and Supernatural set to Netflix's Stranger Things which I think fit both shows well and could be either's alternate tune due to their similarity in themes that I hope you enjoy.

    I have not seen this show but immediately thought of these two when I heard it on YouTube funnily.

    Video One

    And Video Two Then.

    A Charmed video I did with Drake De'mon and my original character Melissa and their relationship featured in my season 6 fanfiction series.

    Fanfiction opening credit videos for my future season 4 series the first featuring Cole only in this one who leaves mutually at the end of the story after learning his wife Mel doesn't want him back subsequent to being possessed by the Source.

    The second here done when Darryl's in a story.

    And the third showcasing the main cast only when they're story featured.

    Charmed video mixing the old and new in terms of cropped season 4 opener with reboot style credits bridging them together then.

    My newest Charmed opening credits video the first complementing my season 5 fanfiction series.

    The second and third one of these will follow next.

    The second and third season 5 fanfiction opening credits for my series including a few more added clips and either Chris or Darryl featured during the end only when the other's not in the story then.

    Opening credits to my Charmed season 6 fanfiction series which is season 7 slightly different happening a year earlier that I done yesterday hoping people will enjoy obviously.

    I included Drake who features that year more than his original stint because of his character likability and interaction with Piper, Paige, and Mel and the effect he has on them during the final year of his life naturally.

    Video 1.

    Video 2.

    And Video 3.

    The first opening credits of my last fan fiction series seasons with Henry and Agent Murphy included who are recurring characters here.

    And the second opening credits to my last fan fiction series seasons swapping Christy for Agent Murphy when she arrives after he leaves.

    First crossover opening credits to my fan fiction series featuring the Winchester Brothers and John from Supernatural who appear a few times in the first season and beyond till Supernatural season 4 minus John of course so this would be shown instead of the main credits whenever they appeared in a story.

    I did this opening having not seen anything marring these two shows yet together on YouTube showcasing what this would look like then.

    And my first video showcasing the relationship of my Charmed fan fiction character and Sam Winchester from Supernatural through their love, marriage and eventual downfall which I would imagine Mel singing about at P3 after Sam leaves when Dean dies Supernatural 3x16.

    My newest Charmed opening credits video featuring people from Mel's original future seen once but talked about often in my fanfiction series and not the second next-generation set existing after the timelines changed.

    My second next-generation Charmed opening credits video featuring everyone in Mel's new timeline from her first daughter to Wyatt and Chris then Paige and Henry's twins, Henry Junior and Mel's second daughter finally also.

    In response to my first Charmed/Supernatural fan fiction crossover credits I done two later versions one being male the other female of the guest characters the Charmed Ones, Leo, and Darryl converse with Supernatural season 4 onward.

    A third Charmed character theme song video I done featuring more characters from the television show which I wanted to do that was harder to produce this time around trying to find songs fitting the people here though it turned out well I thought.

    Updated version of my video linked here. with added clip of Melanie blowing up Jada's energy ball.
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