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    Lara Queen's Season 6 Legends Of Tomorrow Episode Reviews

    Episode 6.01 Ground Control to Sara Lance

    So happy Legends Of Tomorrow is back with a good premiere episode. There just so fun being around.

    Sara was taken by aliens but thankfully the team her knew that then.

    Of course Zari and John would become a thing though I didn't expect Gary having been an alien the whole time actually. He always gets wound up in with the wrong things poor man.

    Loved how Ava knew Sara was gonna propose to her. So cute and what was needed to give her a reason to get her woman back.

    The DEO getting a shout out was cool although no-one knows that longer exists and that Alex left it or that Nia, Brainy, M'Gann, Lena or Jonn formed an independent group of their own since then.

    Gideon commenting about the "infamous year of 2020" was funny and stand out because of the current times.

    I didn't believe the line about Sara not liking been alone as we all know Captain Lance like sex, fun, and drinking amongst other stuff of course.

    With Sara and Gary going to be stranded on the planet I assume that's the shows way of social distance filming not having all the actors on set for the time being with the aliens falling into the time stream as this years main storyline?

    Look forward to the next.
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    Episode 6.02 Meat: The Legends

    Another fun episode set in 1955 when fast food became a thing.

    Behrad obviously likes burgers it seems even flipping them at the burger joint although Zari doesn't actually.

    Miss Cruz is now part of the team.

    What's up with the dog?

    Is the mascot the meat eating alien?

    Why do I feel like something will happen to the totem concerning Behrad and Zari fighting over it which happens with OG Zari splitting it in two then.

    Were the two brothers the burger manager referred to the Mc Donald brothers perhaps?

    It figures the burger manager's wife kept the alien captive to help her husbands business.

    Oh that alien made puke nearly the way it looked then.

    So Amelia isn't human but an alien disguised as a human who wanted Sara and Gary to take her off the plane with them?

    Of course Sara couldn't alter the timeline and take her with then because Amelia disappeared in 1937.

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    Episode 6.03 The Ex-Factor

    Okay have I stepped into something like Robocop at the start perhaps?

    John and Zari are at it again.

    Do you need that many phones actually?

    This episode targeted on reality contest show The Masked Singer and The Voice which are popular currently.

    Ava misses Sara still.

    So Amelia poisoned Sara then?

    Zari loves a crowd clearly.

    Nate used his powers again. About time.

    Mick and Spooner took a back seat this episode.

    The legends can't handle the Lord it seems.

    Loved John using his magic on the King.

    Zari's got that voice from the musical episode again.

    Oh Sara's not doing too good.

    Nate and Behrad wanting to spruce up John was funny although the mystic didn't look himself without his favourite jacket and he doesn't like a crowd also.

    I knew Sara would see the clone wasn't Ava.

    A bit rushed there with the plan Rory.

    Lord Nox singing was funny as hell.

    Zari and John made up and John's good with a guitar.

    Lord Nox is really a cute little alien?

    Okay whose that guy at the end?

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    Episode 6.04 Bay Of Squids

    Mick taking charge of the ship at the start was a nice change although I'm sure he didn't mean to drop the team inside the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    You should've cloaked the ship.

    Spooner saying Gideon made Behrad marijuana candy was funny.

    I agree this felt like an older Legends episode with Ava saying they needed to give the missile back to the Russians to protect the timeline.

    How come Nate and Zari got into the White House without anyone checking ID as they could've been anybody.

    General Warmonger sure seems to want to start a war?

    Clearly there was argument about who should lead the mission this week.

    Sara wasn't here because Caity Lotz is directing the next episode.

    Didn't know Behrad could play guitar and sing unless I forgot about that already?

    Telling your family to go away for a couple of days won't save them Jack.

    Rory was the leader for this mission I think.

    The football fight at the end was funny.

    Glad the president listened to Nate who obviously enjoyed himself in the White House.

    Of course neither he or Zari couldn't tell Jack what happens next year to him.

    Ava and Mick made up thankfully.

    So the alien drinks? Okay someone to rival Mick.

    Onto next week.

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    Episode 6.05 The Satanist's Apprentice

    Have we gone back to the '80s or something with Astra then who we haven't seen since season 6's beginning?

    She's not having the best week it seems being human and having to live and do mundane things actually.

    Crowley? I expected to see Mark A Sheppard than a bald headed man despite the show being a different genre 'cause I was so used to him as Crowley in Supernatural then.

    Is this episode Disney themed?

    What's Bishop up to and will he be the seasons big band perhaps?

    So the Ava we know and love was actually a clone of Bishops who became her own thing through her actions and experiences during working with the time agency and the Legends obviously?

    Constantine as Crowley in him including the accent had me laughing though he's not John without his costume on.

    Changing the Legends into inanimate objects was funny.

    Good Astra didn't kill her neighbour.

    And now we've stepped into a Disney animation complete with singing.

    Cool graphics though.

    Don't go looking for the fountain Constantine now without any powers.

    I knew Ava clone would betray Sara and lead her to Bishop who now has her DNA and all the other aliens on the ship she expelled previously.

    Will Gary save her next episode perhaps considering he wasn't in this one actually?

    Caity did a good job directing her first episode even with her in a lot of scenes.

    Look forward to the next one then.

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    Episode 6.06 Bishop's Gambit

    So Bishop's a clone like the Ava one's but can only have one of him around at once?

    Ooh the Waverider. Go get our girl.

    Is the woman Mick's with Miranda Cosgrove of Disney channel fame or someone who looks like her maybe?

    John's not liking the Legends around his house.

    Oh bubble and squeak how British of you Zari.

    The hooded Ava clone reminds me of the black super soldiers from SG1 season 7.

    I thought Amelia was no longer around?

    How did she get on Earth?

    Gary in the toilet? Err.

    Yes Gary's an idiot but we love him anyway.

    I wonder if the Ava clones will turn on Bishop?

    People will find out you no longer have magic John.

    So Amelia Earhart is the real person abducted and turned into an alien?

    Spooner's powers are growing.

    Look at you Behrad all guru.

    Mick and the alien woman err.

    So Spooner might be an alien herself?

    Poor Ava about Sara.

    Ooh Sara's a clone and the real ones gone? No I'm sure real Sara can come back somehow which the Legends will do I hope.

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    Episode 6.07 Back to the Finale II

    Ahh, timey wimey stuff happening again not good.

    Of course, Sara would be part alien that's Legends for you. At least she has all the personality and memories of real Sara then so it won't feel weird seeing her each week.

    Ava's alone in her room grieving Sara's lost when she isn't really.

    It made sense being the most senior member of the crew barring Mick Nate was the obvious choice to be interim captain.

    Okay Mick having a good time then.

    And the Bishop clone's keep getting weirder.

    So Sara was chosen as the perfect host to make alien/human clones which proved successful because of her resounding resilience whereas Amelia Earhart failed previously?

    The Legends going back in time is what caused Sara being abducted and Aliens to cross into different timeline's? At least they fixed that actually.

    Nate looks funny.

    Zari now knows John has no magic.

    Okay Sara can self heal now?

    I doubt Bishops really dead.

    Nice seeing Charlie again.

    I knew Bishop wasn't dead.

    Sara alien or not your not damaged.

    Mick and feelings on Sara. Ahh!

    Viva la revolution. Love Gary.

    I don't think Kayla's dead as we never saw her body. She'll return again I think.

    And Avalance is back finally and engaged. Yay! Loved the proposal there.
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    Episode 6.08 Stressed Western

    The breakfast scene with everyone having input into Sara's meal was cute.

    Cool seeing things back to normal for the time being.

    Okay Sara way to come out with you being an alien/human hybrid clone when Ava wants to get it on but that had to come out some point of course so better late than never. Naturally that doesn't affect Ava as Sara's still the same person to her despite now being different.

    Spooner's alien empath abilities funny.

    Behrad and Astra potentially a thing. Not sure what to make of that yet.

    Have I walked into a different western with all the niceties going on?

    Gary knows something about the fountain but won't tell Constantine because it's dangerous.

    I recognised AnnaLynne McCord from the 90210 reboot who in real life is Dominic Purcell's girlfriend.

    Behrad also plays piano? My kind of man.

    So Bass Reeves is John Diggle's ancestor played by David Ramsey?

    This weeks alien looked like something out of the horror film tremors I've heard about and the way to stop is like the three headed dog Cerberus taming it of course?

    Spooner and Astra come to some resolution with each other this episode.

    The guitar playing guy was kind of annoying here. I'm glad Sara told him to "Can it cowboy."

    Of course the town went nuts.

    John needs to accept being human and not having magic for a while.

    Nice team up at the end Spooner and Astra.

    Constantine will return I'm sure.

    Love Sara and Ava.

    That's nice Behrad gave Nate both wind totems to see OG Zari.

    Await episode 9 then.

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    Episode 6.09 This is Gus

    Fun episode.

    Happy birthday Behrad. He's such a fun character who constantly makes me giggle but I gotta admit his drug problems becoming a little too serious and needs sorting that out of course.

    Zari was right in her comment that Behrad does have a special wavelength going on especially with him and Astra which I don't think I'd mind seeing actually.

    The scene where they were chased was funny although I did wonder why Astra didn't just use magic then?

    The pink alien reminded me of Gizmo from Gremlins in terms of cuteness.

    Great seeing OG Zari again and especially for Nate who clearly misses her obviously though this episode focused on 2.0 Zari naturally.

    Mick wasn't thrilled hearing he'd become a granddaddy though I'm glad he accepted that in the end although wasn't expecting him being pregnant also from his little tryst with Kayla which I can't believe.

    This show always pulls out surprises and I'm excited but terrified at the same time where it'll head then.

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    Episode 610 Bad Blood

    John's certainly going down a dark path this episode wanting to find the fountain using Crowley and vampire then.

    Seeing Gus-Gus again was cute especially with Behrad singing him a lullaby with Nate and the alien Gary next to him until he grew into a teenager later.

    Looks like Mick's having a hard time being pregnant. God I can't believe I'm saying that.

    Spooner helps John try to find the fountain which takes them to Albacete Spain 1939 and a boy who possibly drank from the fountain.

    So Hitler wants the fountain as well?

    Don't drink the potion Johnny.

    John pretending to be an Italian priest is sure funny.

    Bye, bye Gus Gus. I'll miss you.

    Spooner's right that magic isn't everything although I understand why Constantine can't live without it.

    I'm guessing the boys powers found John unworthy of getting his magic back.

    I told you not to drink the potion Johnny.

    Glad Mick accepts his pregnancy. Can't believe I'm saying that again.

    And is John about to become a drug addict then?

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    Episode 611 The Final Frame

    Welcome back Legends I missed you.

    This week was a fun episode directed by Jes Macallan who plays Ava whom did a good job of course.

    The plot involved Sara, Mick, Spooner, and Astra trying to get out of a cursed alien box which they got sucked into after fooling around with it at the start that reminded me of the mother boxes from the live action Justice League film.

    They had to battle against the Pinkillers inside a makeshift Bowling Alley to escape where they were or have them and Earth get sucked into a bowling ball as trophy for eternity.

    When the starting location popped up on screen I almost thought were they on Themiscyra and expected to Wonder Woman somewhat or some Amazons to show up perhaps.

    Ava looked nice in her first wedding dress choice although asking Gary to help her find the best one mightn't be a good idea say. Kleinfeld's would be a better choice I think though Gary did remind me of Randy Fenoli a bit.

    Nice seeing Nate and Zari get some alone time before she has to go back in the totem but what's up with the couple who kept stalking the pair? I'm getting suspicious vibes of them.

    Spooner sure is competitive. I wonder if she played bowling as a hobby or sport before she met the Legends then?

    Mick throwing the ball into the wrong lane was funny at the time.

    John has his magic back but you know something bad will occur from that obviously.

    I'm sorry but I prefer the first dress Ava choose Gary.

    So the world ending on Earth concerning Nate and Zari's story is because that's trapped inside the Bowling Alley then? Mike sure has powerful reality warping powers obviously.

    Spooner and Mick both need to cooperate if the Legends are gonna win which from Sara's speech they do so thankfully.

    I was rooting for Astra getting the final strike at the end.

    Ava people seeing you in your wedding dress before the big day isn't bad luck because that's practically norm now even with fiancée's going to ladies dress appointments.

    Look forward to next week.

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    Episode 611 Bored On Board OnBoard

    Everyone stuck in space is never a good thing especially 3 weeks then.

    John enough with the magic already although Behrad knows something's up of course.

    The Yoga session was funny.

    Beast Slayers is obviously an alternative form of Cluedo which John turns into a live action Jumanji with Gary narrating and moving the players.

    Mick with hair and the hat's also funny.

    Kayla's back although I knew she wasn't dead previously.

    The Legends really are getting into character then.

    I think Kayla can be trusted Gary.

    The cast obviously had a blast roleplaying the game.

    Gary I apologise you were right about Kayla actually who's working for Bishop now also back because he got her of his planet after Mick left with her ship.

    Did I want Bishop back again? No thanks.

    So the beasts John's dark self? Makes sense with all the magic he's using. Behrad's right about John abusing magic which reminds me of Richard from Charmed who was obsessed with that as well then.

    Is Behrad leaving? I hope he comes back.

    So Zari knows about John now it seems.

    Onto next episode then.


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