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    Whose the masked person that just killed the man?

    Luke feels like he shouldn't be alive but that's not true of course.

    So Black Mask was working for Safyiah all along and recreated Kate as his dead daughter Circe so he could get back at Jacob for what he'd done?

    Alice and Jacob kidnapped Kate to make her remember which doesn't go well at first but better later on.

    Okay masked woman's Tatiana?

    I like Mary and Ryan working together without Luke.

    Luke you're gonna get hurt if your not careful.

    Diggle in Gotham? I heard he was crossing over.

    So Kate's locked in a mind battle with Circe inside Cartwright's house?

    I understand why Luke didn't wanna come back because of what happens to some black people but like I said earlier he deserves to be around regardless.

    Oh dear what's happened to Alice and Jacob?

    Glad Batwoman found Kate before Safyiah's thugs did.

    Saved the best till last Luke you dog although something's gonna happen later concerning Tavaroff.

    I feel like Diggle was there to give Luke a pep talk which sets him up to become Batwing of course.

    Kate recognised Sophie instantly because of their past connection.

    It's sad Ryan gave up the last thing connecting her mum.

    Is Diggle's head pain anything to do with the possible Green Lantern ring or battery core he found at the end of the Arrow finale episode setting him up to become a lantern himself in the future perhaps?

    I wonder if Jacob's speech has something to do with Alice becoming Red Alice from the comics which I've overheard might happen?

    Has Safyiah done something to Ocean? She has he's dead. Poor Alice. She'll now want revenge.

    Ooh, ooh Circe's overtaken Kate.

    Nice conversation between Mary and Jacob.

    The truth will hopefully set you free Kate.

    Bring on episode 17.

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    2x17 Kane, Kate

    Seems like Safyiah was too trusting of Alice or something which she shouldn't have been knowing full well the woman would want revenge for Ocean been killed then.

    I figured Circe had taken over Kate like a demon possessing someone obviously. I know her friends and family want to embrace her and everything but Ryan;s right to be cautious encase anything happens naturally.

    Figures Tavaroff and some of the Crows would join Black Mask coincidentally. Roman Sionis is a hard person to resist.

    I hope Kate's not killed off trying to save her friends and family in the season finale with Ryan fully taking over as Batwoman as a result because that would be a disservice to her character coming back.

    Batwoman was looking for Kate at one of Janu Cosmetics places but found security guards instead.

    Turns out Circe/Kate was at the Hold Up drinking with friends.

    Ryan knows something's up with Kate.

    Mary of course knew what Alice was going through with Ocean because of what she felt when her mother passed away.

    She knew Alice couldn't help concerning their sister because of how she was currently feeling.

    You better beef up the Batcave's security if an envisions imminent guys.

    Sophie's right how Ryan made Batwoman her own and that she's still a valued person and member of the team.

    Does Tavaroff have a slight conscience concerning Black Mask or not then?

    Shame Ryan's back in her campervan.

    Why did I think something would happen to Ryan with her being arrested?

    I'm sure Roman or Circe had a hand in that.

    Okay Ocean was cremated quickly. It took a week and a half from when my dad passed to his cremation service.

    I caught the Legion Of Doom reference.

    Ryan was right in her talk with Roman but her being arrested because of her colour or being Batwoman was predictable.

    I'm glad Ryan's parole officer believed and let her escape.

    We get to see a new part of the Batcave with Batman's lot including mask at the back plus past Batman villain's weapons in another alcove including stuff belonging to the Riddler, Clay Face, Bane, and Poison Ivy.

    Where's the real Bruce when you need him to help try and get Kate back?

    I see Poison Ivy's name mentioned which that plant looking biohazardous thing was behind the screen.

    Ooh catfight. Who's gonna win?

    Will Alice join team Bat and take down Black Mask then?

    I feel Kate will be saved once team Bat get the password Enigma conducted when she was alive previously.

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    Alice being arrested was the writer's way of thinking, okay yes she brought Kate back and took Black Mask down for good but had also done a lot of things prior via her Wonderland gang which she needs to be held accountable for.

    With Kate leaving I did see a comment on YouTube in the clip where she hands over the bat mantle to Ryan which I thought was very valid and actually made sense come to think about it in terms of her story and how the writers could've just recast Kate from the get-go using Wallis Day and the plane crash as their motive with Kate badly burnt she ends up in a unit where she has multiple skin grafts to repair the damage which Jacob, Mary, and Luke are informed off explaining why she looks different post-recovery with no tattoos on her whether that happened episode 1 through a time jump or a little later after Julia pretends to be Batwoman like that one stint in season 1.

    Kate could've suffered PTSD from the crash which the show explored whilst having the Safyiah/Ocean/Coriyana storyline on the side as well as the Roman/Black Mask/ False Face/ Snake Bite one later also meaning Ryan's not introduced making the Batwoman plot more believable and something Kate fans might accept despite the showrunners thinking not now Ruby had left the show of course.

    Caught the season finale finally which tied up most lose ends together but left questions still unanswered of course.

    They managed to restore Kate with Alice's help which I knew would happen. Liked that scene but Alice being arrested afterwards was off. I know she has to pay for what she's done but ending her character that way was wrong I thought.

    Roman now stuck in that Mask is a fitting punishment for him. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    The finale seeing Batwing finally come out was fitting for Luke because Lucius had faith his son would do good.

    Finding out Ryan's birth mother is alive was surprising. No doubt we might see her next season after Ryan tries tracking her down.

    I feel like Kate being written out the way she did was a disservice to her character and the reason why is commented on earlier in this thread of course.

    With Dougray Scott not returning season 3 Jacob will remain in prison with his story left unfinished which I don't approve.

    Nice seeing Mary's clinic become part of the youth centre as Ryan suggested although on the whole like everyone else here I agree new showrunners need to be hired with Kate and Alice/Beth's story properly finished off and Jacob out of prison reunited with his daughters before they start their new chapter elsewhere whatever.

    Hopefully Kate makes guest appearances in future if Wallis Day wants to reprise playing her.

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