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    Superman & Lois: Rate #1.13 "Fail Safe"

    Talk about the July 20 episode here!

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    It’s the calm before the storm, which is the season finale.

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    I thought this was relatively well done. That ending was…intense.

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    Episode 1.13 Fail Safe

    This episode picks up from last week with Tar Ro in prison.

    You just know something's gonna happen with him which it does when he breaks out of there.

    I'm guessing he is the Eradicator then having absorbed all the Kryptonian consciences previously.

    Kyle's still not liked by the Smallville people.

    Nice Clark and John are getting along still.

    Now we know what's Leslie's been up to.

    I hope Sam lives up to bargain involving the Kryptonite stash the DOD has.

    Lois was put in an awkward position concerning Chrissy and not telling her the truth about the Edge incident which who I understood Chrissy wanting her to leave.

    Will she tell her the truth perhaps?

    Sarah and Jordan continue to be cute although they obviously shouldn't have skipped school.

    Clark I understand you're pain but Sam's right in this case about not keeping the Kryptonite stash.

    Johnathan got busted.

    I could understand if the Cushing family did want to move because of everyone snowballing them.

    Lois and Clark both talked and aired their views finally with John Henry a good choice to be the person who holds the Kryptonite rather than the DOD.

    I'm glad Lois semi told Chrissy the truth lastly and let her run the story.

    Hopefully she can gain her trust back again.

    Loved Lois and Clark's kiss.

    Edge absorbing the sun gave me Nuclear Man vibes from Superman 4 then.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.
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