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    Superman & Lois: Rate #1.12 "Through The Valley Of Death"

    Talk about the July 13 episode of Superman & Lois here!

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    Amazing episode.

    This show just keeps getting on better and better.

    Never thought Zod's consciousness would possess Superman.

    Am glad John got through to him and didn't kill him then.

    Jonathan was a stand-out here helping Jordan find Clark with his hearing and his talk with John Henry showing what a character can do without powers and why he doesn't need them and is still important plot-wise of course.

    I hope Sam keeps his word about no longer doubting Clark although I won't believe that till I see it obviously.

    Nice seeing Diggle and the mention of Oliver.

    The Cushing family scenes were cute seeing.

    I'm getting more on board with Kyle now although I just have the feeling he'll be sacrificed in the season finale then.

    It looks like Edge will become the Eridcator himself absorbing all the Kryptonian consciousnesses at the end which was what his father wanted him to do.

    Of course, Leslie's out there so we have her as well as Edge to do deal with still going forward.


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