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    I got the sense this was Lana-centric, but I didn’t they would bring in Lara taking over Lana. It’s nice to see Jonathan, Jordan, and Sarah involved. Superman having a half brother is the closest thing to the H’el On Earth storyline from the New 52 comics.

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    So Edge is Clark's half brother called Tar-Ro by Kal-El's mother Lara and Zeta-Ro who were arranged to be married before she met Jor-El and he was sent to Earth when Lara warned Krypton would be destroyed? Plot twist.

    We learn that he's there to make a new Krypton which was one of my ideas about why Edge might've been on Earth of course.

    I agree with Clark not all humans are evil but how is Edge gonna get Lara back again? By implanting her mind into someone else then? If so can't wait for interaction with Clark and meeting her grandsons naturally.

    I'm sorry Jor-El but your son deserved to know he has a half brother.

    I'm guessing Lara was a scientist like Jor-El?

    Hold on Johnathan what about Clark's cousin Kara on Earth Prime also?

    I hope Kyle and the others can be saved even though he's not my favourite character in the series.

    And now Martial Law's descended on Smallville.

    It's good Sarah the truth even if it's half of it so.

    Lana taking in Lara's consciousness to save Kyle and the other Smallville residents was understandable there.

    Clark and Lara's scene gave me feels.

    Again Jonathan continues being the heart of this show.

    So Edge has another way of making Kryptonian's without the Eradicator then?

    Although I dislike Edge I do see why he hates humans because he was hunted down by some of them when his pod landed in the British countryside though I disagree with him on us being inferior and that Earth should become another Krypton because the first one was lost.

    Whoa everyone is Smallville's now a Kryptonian?

    Of course Clark will choose humanity over his own people saving them because that's what makes him a hero.

    I'm glad everyone was saved.

    I bet Edge is near the fortress.

    Man this show keeps getting better and better.

    Roll on episode 11 then.


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