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    Smallville “Crisis on Infinite Earths - Redux” (One-Shot)

    Smallvile “Crisis on Infinite Earths (Redux)”

    Writer’s note: The following one-shot takes place in an alternate version of the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. It is a follow-up to the Smallville portion of part 2. I took some liberties with the timing of events. I’m trying in my own way to honour Clark’s journey after he embraced his destiny on Smallville. This is the Clark of “Homecoming “ after he gets a glimpse of the future with Lois and heroism as Superman, not the Clark of “Action” who metaphorically walks away from his destiny as he leaves the Warrior Angel cape twisting in the wind. Some events that occurred off-screen mirror the Death of Superman comic and beyond, under the assumption that Smallville’s own Crisis in the Season 11 comic slightly altered the future (like Doomsday coming back before the 31st century). The question mark next to Earth-167 is intentional…

    Smallville - Earth 167?

    “...Sounds like a job,” Clark added, holding his wife’s hand as they walked back towards the Kent Farm house.

    Clark stopped for a moment, pursing his lips. Lois peered at him with confusion. “What’s the matter, Smallville?”

    “Just thinking. I really need to talk to Ben Hubbard. His grandkids have to be more careful. That phoney Lex stepped on one of their toys.”

    As Clark resumed walking towards the house, Lois flung her arm out to stop him in his tracks. “Hold on, that actually happened???”

    “Of course…you can’t make that stuff up…but I didn’t take it too seriously,” Clark assured her.

    He shrugged his shoulders. “It must have been a trick by Mxyzptlk or something. Even after I lost my powers, he has popped in out of nowhere to torment me.”

    “He’s the Q to your Picard,” Lois observed, likening Mxyzptlk to the omnipotent trickster of the Star Trek universe.

    Clark looked at her sideways. “Since when are you an expert on all things sci-fi?”

    “What?...oh I must have picked it up from Olsen. Besides, I’ve been to Comic-Con.”

    “ ten years ago,” Clark corrected Lois, teasing her. Lois rolled her eyes.

    “Anyways, I think I liked him better when he was just trying to make me trip at Smallville High Football games,” Clark wryly joked.

    Lois chuckled. “Look who’s developed a funny bone.”

    Clark smirked and shook his head. “What I don’t understand is why you thought I was joking. Did you forget our chaotic roller coaster ride through the multiverse?”

    Lois scoffed. “Hardly. I think I would remember you saving my bacon from becoming Darkseid’s next femme fatale.”

    As she recalled, Clark had to use the Crystal of Knowledge from Earth-Majestic to change Darkseid’s mind about leaving her on Earth-Omega to ‘entertain’ him. While Lois expressed concern over Clark’s choice to give the crystal to a god, she was glad she didn’t have to stick around to find out what Darkseid meant. Given what Clark and Tess told her about Granny Goodness’ Furies, it wasn’t much of a stretch to think that’s what Darkseid had in mind.

    “I just thought, what are chances that the Monitors were feeling the seven year itch? Besides, I thought you banished them to the Phantom Zone.”

    “You’re right, I’m sure it’s nothing.” Clark dismissed the idea as they stepped onto the back porch.

    “Now, what’s this mess the girls made?”

    “Strained peas, leaping tall counters in a single bound, you know, the...” Lois began. *crack* *thud* “...usual...did you hear something?”

    Lois flung the door open and briskly walked into the kitchen.

    Their twins were sitting gleefully in their high chairs, covered in food, exactly where she left them. It didn’t take long for Lois to notice something was amiss as her eyes scanned the scene. To her right, she spotted a jagged piece of one their high chair’s tray tables that had cracked and fallen to the floor.

    Lois ran over and picked up her daughter. “Lara?…you okay sweetie?”

    She made a quick examination but it appeared Lara wasn’t hurt. “It’s okay, Mommy’s got you now.”

    Cradling Lara with one hand. Lois carefully traced the jagged edges of the broken high chair with her other hand. She was flabbergasted and confused but arrived at the simplest explanation. “Piece of junk,” she muttered.

    THWACK! Their other daughter amused herself by slamming her spoon down. She giggled as her high chair’s tray table instantly developed a hairline fracture.

    “Ella?” Clark did a double take. “You don’t think…”

    Lois and Clark looked at each other, puzzled.

    “It’s can’t be, it’s impossible.” Lois nestled Ella down on the kitchen island and started pacing.

    “I got pregnant after you exhausted your powers trying to defeat that solar succubus who turned Earth into a popsicle.”

    Clark thought Lois certainly had a way with words, even if she needed spell check when writing a story. Nevertheless, only she could pull off that mouthful with relative ease.

    Still, he wasn’t as convinced as Lois that their twins couldn’t develop super powers.

    “Well, the timing is sketchy at best. Jor-El once said interspecies pregnancy could be...unpredictable. In the end, I’m still Kryptonian, even without my powers.”

    In recent years, Clark had attained a greater level of self-awareness. During his pre-Superman days, Clark had always referred to himself as ‘Human’ whenever he lost his powers. ‘Mortal’ would be more accurate as his power loss didn’t change his DNA or physiology.

    Lois tensed up as she cleaned Lara off with a damp cloth. “Not helping ease my anxiety, Clarkie.”

    Clark sighed as he grabbed a cloth to clean Ella in kind.

    “You’re probably right, the baby furniture is junk. But if the twins are developing abilities, we will guide them, just like my parents did with me.”

    “No one’s gonna mess with Lois and Clark...or Ella and Lara,” Clark added, as he sat Ella down.

    “Damn straight,” Lois emphatically agreed, as she finished cleaning Ella off.

    “Now that’s settled, why don’t you help me by grabbing some clean clothes for the girls.”

    “It would be my pleasure, Miss Lane,” Clark replied playfully.

    Even though they were married, Clark had kept ‘Miss Lane’ as a pet name for her - a callback to when he first talked to her as the Red-Blue Blur. The name had stuck through his time as The Blur and after he became Superman.

    That got Lois a little ‘excited’ but she quickly composed herself. “Not in front of the girls,” Lois half-jokingly scolded him.

    Clark smiled, shaking his head. As he swivelled on the balls of his feet to go upstairs, he was overwhelmed by a familiar squealing, shrieking sound. He doubled over in pain, covering his ears out of instinct, not that it ever did any good.

    Lois couldn’t hear the sound but it was clearly evident her husband was in excruciating pain. She grabbed his arm, deeply concerned “Smallville, what’s wrong?”

    Clark gritted his teeth. “It’s the House...of El...beacon. possible?”

    A loud humming filled the room, dazing Lois and causing her to take a step back. Before she could react, her husband was enveloped in a swirling column of blue energy, disappearing in the blink of the eye.

    She stood there in disbelief. “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”


    Given what had just happened moments earlier, Clark was not completely surprised to find himself back in The Fortress of Solitude - a place he had not been much for the better part of a year.

    Now mortal, Clark expected to be freezing but he actually felt warm amongst the large cascading pillars of crystal and ice. This must have been how Lois felt when she thought she ‘went to heaven’ after her plane took a nosedive near the Fortress on Dark Thursday.

    “Jor-El! What am I doing here?” Clark exclaimed.

    “I sent you to Earth for a purpose, Kal-El.” Jor-El’s voice boomed through the Fortress.

    He didn’t miss being lectured by Jor-El. The AI had an odd way of sneaking in his brand of tough love, even when Clark thought they finally were on the same page.

    Clark stood his ground. “Since embracing my destiny, I’ve tried to never lose sight of that. But after the Sun-Eater attacked Sol and the Earth froze over, I was left powerless.”

    “After your deadly encounter with Doomsday, you were already in a weakened state. While your attempt to combine your powers with others to draw away the creature was noble, losing your powers was inevitable,” Jor-El explained.

    “I tried everything to get them back but even the Fortress had gone dark. When I found out Lois was pregnant, I thought it was a sign that I was meant to give up my powers. Why didn’t you answer me?”

    Jor-El’s tone became decidedly more mild-mannered. “I wanted you to rest, Kal-El.”

    After the AI had fulfilled it’s mission to help Clark accept his destiny, Jor-El seemingly had programmed it to become more fatherly. The cold and strict disciplinarian was now more compassionate and understanding. Though he still had what you might call temper-tantrums. For the lack of a better word, he was more ‘Human’.

    “Then why am I here now, when my children are only a few months old?”

    “I wish I could give you more time, my son. I have summoned you because the multiverse is in peril. What some would call the Crisis on Infinite Earths is upon us.”

    Clark was taken aback. So he really did receive a visit from inter-dimensional travellers from another Earth? It wasn’t a trick after all? He was so confused.

    “Crisis? We saved the multiverse from destruction at the hands of The Monitors years ago.”

    “The Monitors you defeated were actually followers of a malevolent being known as the Anti-Monitor. They trapped The Monitor as revenge for imprisoning their leader. Now both have been set free,” Jor-El explained.

    “The Anti-Monitor’s power far surpasses those of his disciples and it will take heroes from across the multiverse to stop the Crisis now. While your league of heroes has helped watch over this Earth in your absence, the multiverse needs you, Kal-El.”

    While Clark didn’t want to say goodbye to his family, he knew he had a higher calling and that it was time to re-embrace his destiny to keep them safe.

    “I understand, Father. I’m ready to fight for my family, for Earth, for all universes, with all my strength.”

    “I’m proud of you, my son.”

    The Fortress console began to flash as a whirlwind of white light surrounded Clark.


    Too young to really understand what was happening, Lois had somehow managed to put Ella and Lara down to bed. Now she had another mission.

    Lois paced back and forth, filled with nervous energy. “Mrs. K, I’m not sure what your ETA is, but we got a bit of situation. Clark’s disappeared.”

    “He heard his beacon. I don’t know how but it must have been...yes, Jor-El, how did you...right..Kryptonian Emissary.”

    “It’s too bad Connor is on training exercises with Dick and the Titans in Blüdhaven. He could’ve done a flyby with you...although I guess he just kind of hovers,” Lois observed.

    In the corner of her eye, a bright light caught her attention. Peering through the kitchen window, she spotted what appeared to be a swirling energy vortex.

    “I....I’m gonna have to call you back Mrs. Kent,” she added, startled and curious.

    Moments later, there was a knock at the door. It was a young woman with ebony skin and long raven black hair. She was accompanied by a young man, whose defining features were a colorful leather outfit and glasses that looked they were ripped right out of an ‘80s music video.

    “Can I help you?”

    “I hope so. Are you Lois Lane?” the woman asked.

    Not recognizing either of them, Lois answered a question with a question. “Who wants to know?”

    “You don’t know us but I’m Iris West-Allen...and this is Cisco Ramon.”

    Lois softened a bit, returning the introduction with a handshake. “Lois, Lois Lane.”

    Lois thought for a minute, as she remembered something.

    “Iris as in the Central City Tribune’s star reporter?” Lois questioned her visitor. “Barry Allen’s girlfriend?”

    “Yes, well owner of the Central City Citizen actually and I’m Barry’s wife....on our Earth anyways,” Iris explained. “May we come in?”

    Lois stepped away from the door and motioned for them to come in. “That thing the opened in the backyard was a portal from another Earth wasn’t it?” she deduced.

    Iris and Cisco nodded. “Forgive me, but I know Iris and you don’t look much alike. Actually, you kind of look like her sister-in-law.”

    While Lois had not met her Iris’ sister-in-law, Peyton, she happened to see family photos while visiting Central City. Iris had joked that Peyton’s young son (her nephew), Wallace was ‘quite the little speedster’ as he seemed full of energy and said he might just run circles around Barry one day.

    “Doppelgängers,” Cisco interjected, taking off his shades. “The multiverse has loads of them.”

    “This isn’t my first multiverse rodeo, but aren’t doppelgängers supposed to look just like their counterparts?”

    “The multiverse is a strange thing. We met a Superman from Earth-96 that is the spitting image of our Ray Palmer on our Earth,” Cisco explained as he paced around the farm house.

    Cisco took a look around as they chatted. He spotted some photographs on a bookshelf.

    One photo was of this Earth’s Lois and Clark with another smiling couple in a tuxedo and wedding dress. There was a banner above them that read Congratulations Lana & Pete - 7/17/17 NYC.

    While not really on each other’s radar during High School, Pete Ross and Lana Lang had run into each other years later in New York. They reconnected and fell in love.

    Another picture caught Cisco’s eye in particular. Lois and Clark were standing in the Daily Planet bullpen with a familiar looking guy with blonde hair, wearing a bow-tie and sweater vest.

    “Woah, you know the guy who played Iceman?”

    Lois scoffed “Jimmy Olsen, play an X-Men? In his dreams maybe.”

    Still giddy, Cisco commented “He’s practically Iceman’s twin.”

    “James Bartholomew Olsen?” Iris was shocked how different this world is.

    “So, what’s the big deal?” Lois wondered.

    “You see on Earth-38, James is bald, tall, dark and handsome,” Iris noted.

    “Who would have thunk it, an Earth where Jimmy Olsen is a sex symbol, now I’ve heard everything.” Lois chuckled to herself.

    Cisco continued Iris’ previous thought to emphasize how different each Earth could be. “So it’s not a surprise that Earth-167’s Iris doesn’t look like ours.”

    Lois looked at him incredulously. “I think you’ve got things backwards. We are on Earth-1 right now. You must be from Earth-69 or whatever you called it.”

    “Earth-167...and no, it’s you!” Cisco shot back, getting all worked up and defensive. “We’re from Earth-1.”

    “Says who?!?” Lois was becoming annoyed.

    “Ah..ah me and The Monitor of all things, that’s who.” Cisco became more defensive, to the point of stammering.

    “The Monitors? You can’t trust them. We barely stopped them when they pushed their reset button the last time.”

    “Now you just sound like Nash Wells before he went all Pariah on us,” Cisco observed. “The Monitor is the good guy.”

    “Wait...did you say Monitors plural?” Iris asked, confused.

    “Yes but The Justice League sent them all to the Phantom Zone the last time.”

    “What about the shadow demons?” Cisco asked.

    Lois looked confused. “Shadow demons? They had ships, robots and some huge mean looking guy called the Omega Monitor.”

    This was a lot to take in and it sounded all so unbelievable to Cisco. All he could manage was, “Say what?”

    “You keep on saying the last time, what do you mean? This has happened before?” Iris had become increasingly perplexed.

    “Yes, about 7 years ago. The Monitors tried to wipe out the mulitiverse. By time they got to our Earth, Lex Luthor convinced them that our universe just needed a reboot. It took the combined forces of the galaxy’s greatest heroes to prevent it.”

    “7 years? That’s before we even discovered Earth-2...before Barry became the...” Cisco stopped, not sure what this Lois knew.

    “...The Flash?” Lois guessed based on Clark’s friend Barry. Cisco and Iris nodded.

    “I suppose your Lex as devious as the one we have encountered,” Iris guessed. “Is it true that he is President here?”

    “Oh yeah, you could say that. He filled Senator Delaney’s old seat in 2014 during the midterms. By 2016, the voters were so enthralled by his white knight routine that they elected him President. So the last few years haven’t exactly been a picnic.”

    What Lois didn’t realize was that the last ‘Crisis’ had altered the election cycle. Lex had become President in 2018 during the original timeline.

    Iris tensed up for a moment with the thought of any Lex being President before becoming contemplative. “Anyways, the Monitor insisted that we come back to your Earth to recruit you two, in spite of Clark having no powers. We didn’t understand why but I think I kinda get it now.”

    “I don’t. Whatever Crisis Earth-167 experienced, it was totally different. How could they possibly help,” Cisco countered. “They think The Monitor is the bad guy.”

    Lois raised her fist in frustration “I swear if you call our Earth that’re the one that’s wrong about The Monitors.”

    “Oh it’s on,” Cisco raised his hands, ready for a battle royale.

    WOOSH! Clark suddenly appeared between Lois and Cisco. “Settle down, I don’t think fisticuffs will be necessary…you are both sort of right.”

    Both Lois and Cisco stood down. Clark smiled. “Now that’s better.”

    “Smallville, you got your powers back?” Lois questioned him.

    “Yes, courtesy of Jor-El. He told me all about this new Crisis.”

    He turned to Cisco. “I don’t believe we’ve met,” Clark observed, reaching out his hand. Cisco hesitated and then shook his hand.

    “Cisco, Cisco Ramon. But sometimes they call me Vibe,” Cisco answered. “Clark Kent, I presume?”

    Clark shook his head and turned towards Iris, who seemed to be as in awe of him, if not more so than the first time they met. “Now, I believe we have met before.”

    As they shook hands, Iris blushed, causing Lois to roll her eyes. “I’m Iris West-Allen. I’m sorry our meeting with your Earth-38 counterparts was cut short by Lex, well their Lex anyways.”

    Clark seemed oblivious to Iris’ reaction to him. “Another Lois and Clark, I should’ve known. It’s good to know there are more worlds out there where Lois and I are fated to be together.” He turned back to Lois, smiling.

    “You better believe it,” Lois added.

    “What did you mean by we are both sort of right?” Cisco cut in.

    “The Monitor hasn’t told you everything. He and the Anti-Monitor may have been the first, but they each gathered disciples. Those siding with The Monitor wanted to maintain the multiverse, while followers of the Anti-Monitor felt that the destruction of a chaotic multiverse was the only solution.”

    “There was a war. After the dust settled, the leaders were imprisoned and the Anti-Monitor’s remaining disciples saw themselves as the ‘true’ Monitors.”

    “And now the Monitor and Anti-Monitor are out, to start their war over the multiverse all over again? Why didn’t the Anti-Monitor release his followers to help him?” Iris wondered.

    “Maybe he thought they had betrayed his disturbed vision by trying to reboot us, rather than wipe us out,” Lois speculated.

    Clark nodded. “It’s also possible he chose to abandon them because they were defeated by one universe’s heroes.”

    Clark turned to Iris and Cisco. “If I understand correctly, time is short.”

    “Yes, every minute counts,” Iris agreed.

    “Then let’s get this show on that road. We don’t have time to sit here and fill you in on the last Crisis,” Lois interjected.

    “That might not be necessary,” Cisco countered, causing Lois and Clark to furrow their brows. “One of the reasons I’m called Vibe is I can see past and future events just by touching an object or person.”

    “May I?” Cisco asked, reaching out his arm. Clark shook his head in agreement.

    Cisco grabbed a hold of Clark’s arm and was immediately hit by waves of energy, light and images from the hero’s journey to Superman: Clark saves Lex after the crash on Loeb Bridge…Clark saves a little boy during the second meteor shower…Impulse (Bart Allen), Green Arrow, Clark, Aquaman & Cyborg exit an exploding Ridge Facility…The Blur super punches Zod into the night sky and catches Lois..Superman flies to push Apokolips out of Earth’s atmosphere/President Lex clenches his black gloved fist during a press conference.

    As Cisco refocused his mind, images of this Earth’s Crisis followed: Impulse sacrifices himself against Black Flash..Superman flies Lois to Earth Majestic’s Fortress as Red Bleed consumes the planet…Superman and Lois face down Darkeid on Earth-Omega…The Justice League and Titans charge into battle against the Monitors’ robotic Manhunters..Two Green Lanterns, Superman and Red Tornado (Tess Mercer) fight the Omega Monitor…Superman uses all his strength to deflect the Blue Bleed from The Monitors’ ships and prevents himself from being rebooted…At the Fortress, Superman and The League banish the last Monitor to the Phantom Zone.

    Back to reality, Cisco was in awe, trying to process everything he just saw. “Woah!”

    “Cisco, what did you see?” Iris wondered.

    “So much..awesome!”

    Lois could only imagine what Cisco saw but joked, “You saw it, we lived it.”

    Clark couldn’t help but smile and shake his head.

    Lois motioned towards the door “Shall we?”

    “I will join you in a second, I just have to make a small…wardrobe change,” Clark replied, before he super sped away.

    Cisco, Iris and Lois exited the farm house. Moments later, Clark reappeared 10 feet in front of them in his suit as he floated down to Earth, his cape flowing in the wind.

    Lois smiled. “Now that’s my Superman. May all other Earths’ eat their hearts out.”

    “Impressive,” Iris commented, as Superman approached them, eliciting an unimpressed look from Lois.

    Cisco had continued to process the images he saw. “Who…who’s Bart? Was he The Flash before Barry on your Earth?”

    Lois stepped away for a second and sent an encrypted message to someone. Red Alert: Another Crisis Imminent. Alert Watchtower.

    “Impulse…he didn’t get to choose his code name,” Superman clarified. “Bart Allen was great…he was one of a kind.”

    “Bart…Allen?” Iris was shocked. “Is he related to Barry?”

    Superman furrowed his brow. “I’m not sure actually…after he died, I swear I saw him as a kid in the 31st…you know what, the less I say the better.”

    “Come on, you can’t leave us hanging” Cisco countered.

    Cisco was dying to find out about the future and the possibility of a future Flash in the Allen family tree. Even if it was another Earth.

    Iris felt the same way but in a much deeper sense. She had lost her daughter or rather her future daughter, Nora. She had been erased from time. The loss was devastating. Could their own Bart be out there somewhere? A future descendant to carry on the Allen and West legacies?

    Superman brought Cisco and Iris’ thoughts back to Earth…or Earths with a reminder. “We’ve got a multiverse to save first.”

    “About that, your mom will be here any minute and I don’t want to leave the girls until she does,” Lois explained to her husband.

    “We’ve got you covered, Lois,” Iris offered, handing Lois a small circular metallic device.

    “What’s this thingamajig?” Lois wondered, as she traced the device with her fingertips.”

    “It’s an inter-dimensional extrapolator, it will bring you right to us.”

    Clark turned to Lois. “Before I forget, alert the League. They will have to hold the line here.”

    “Way ahead of you, Clarkie. I have Kara on speed dial remember? She’s already in touch with J’onn, who is alerting the rest of the League as we speak.”

    “It’s so cool you guys have a Supergirl too,” Cisco mused, taking a mental note her first name on this Earth was pronounced Care-a, not Car-a. He sensed she was among the heroes he saw when he touched Superman’s arm.

    “Depending on how things go, we may need your League’s help,” Iris noted in a apprehensive, foreboding tone.

    Superman tried to allay her fears. “It may not come to that, but our team will be ready if called upon.”

    Even though they weren’t really saying goodbye, Clark embraced Lois and kissed her passionately. The kiss was deep and long. It was reminiscent of the kiss he gave her as The Blur when he thought he was leaving Earth with the Kandorians.

    “See you in a few minutes,” Clark added.

    Lois was left almost breathless. “Uh huh.”

    Superman turned to Cisco and Iris. “I’m ready.”

    Cisco put his shades back on and prepared to open a portal in front of them, but Superman stopped him.

    “Actually, could you open a portal up there?” Superman asked, pointing up.

    Cisco raised an eyebrow. “ mean…in the air?”

    “Yeah.” Clark shrugged his shoulders. “I thought it would be funner that way…I did just get my powers back,” he added, with a smile curling up on his face.

    Cisco sighed, pointing his arm toward the sky. “Whatever you say…”

    Swirling strands of blue and white energy erupted by Cisco’s gauntlets and shot through the air, forming a large portal that looked like a shimmering whirlpool.

    Cisco, Iris and Lois gave Superman a wide berth to avoid getting caught up in his wake.

    “Up, up and…away?” Iris wasn’t sure if she said it right, so it sounded more like a question, than a statement.

    “Something like that.” Superman smiled and looked at Lois knowingly.

    Rather than immediately open another portal, Cisco and Iris decided to stay for a moment to see Superman in action.

    As Superman knelt down, the air and ground seemed to ripple around him. He felt warmth and power flowing through his body, just like the first time he flew. With one final push, Clark kicked off from the ground and launched towards the stratosphere. His cape flowed majestically behind him as he displaced vapor trails and climbed towards his target.

    Knowing Clark could hear her, Lois uttered some words of encouragement. “Go get ‘em Smallville.”

    Superman smiled and reached out to the heavens as he soared towards the portal. With his powers back, Clark now had the chance to help inspire the heroes of other universes with something they needed to overcome this latest Crisis….HOPE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagenspear View Post
    I read it and replied. What do you think of mine? I know it’s not trying to cover as much ground as yours did.

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    I think this was wonderful. I like your writing style. I just wish there was more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seplanet View Post
    I think this was wonderful. I like your writing style. I just wish there was more.
    Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, I don’t really watch the Arrowverse shows aside from The Flash and Superman & Lois, so I feel like I would not be able to do a full crisis fic justice. Since it had been years since I was able to come up with a story, I even struggled with writing what I shared here. The other fic I recently started posting here, Flux, is something I had started in 2017 and only now returning to.

    if you’re interested in checking out my other writing, I have some other stories posted on here, mostly written years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vergon6 View Post
    Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, I don’t really watch the Arrowverse shows aside from The Flash and Superman & Lois, so I feel like I would not be able to do a full crisis fic justice. Since it had been years since I was able to come up with a story, I even struggled with writing what I shared here. The other fic I recently started posting here, Flux, is something I had started in 2017 and only now returning to.

    if you’re interested in checking out my other writing, I have some other stories posted on here, mostly written years ago.
    Actually, I am checking those out now. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seplanet View Post
    Actually, I am checking those out now. Thank you.
    Cool. Let me know what you think!


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