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    A Summer In Love (REWRITE)

    A Summer In Love

    Summary: Two lost and broken souls. One is running from her dark, twisted past. Another is running from his mistakes. They meet in the most unexpected way, and find solace in each other, but how long can their happiness last? Will they persevere through everything threatening to tear them apart? Or was it just a summer in love?

    Rating: T for the most part, but there will be M-rated content.

    Pairing: Clark and Lois, obviously.

    Setting: This takes place in the summer between seasons two and three.

    Disclaimer: I own nothing other than the ideas for this story.

    A/N: I have returned! And with a rewrite! If you read the original version of this story, I’m terribly sorry. It was horrible. I feel like I’ve perfected as a writer, so here we are with a new version. Some things will remain the same, but a lot of things are changing like the fact that this will be three books instead of just one. Now, I can’t guarantee quick updates. I’m currently writing and posting chapters for my first book on Wattpad. If you like my writing and want to check it out just send me a message and I’ll send the link. Now onto the story. Hope you enjoy

    ||Prologue|| One Year Ago

    Lois Lane stared out the window from the backseat of her father’s black hummer, watching as the summer rain fell from the darkened skies. Watching as the darkness surrounding her grew darker and darker. Watching as the highway got emptier, the further she traveled. She watched it all and found that the rain—the darkness—the road matched how she was feeling inside.

    The rain slithering down the cool window matched her own tears cascading down her rosy cheeks. The darkness consuming the world outside matched how her heart beat and pumped nothing except darkness into her veins. The empty road matched just how empty her soul felt. How empty her entire being would feel for the rest of her life.

    Life can be painful. Some people have no idea what true, agonizing pain feels like. The kind that changes someone into something unrecognizable. Then some people can never catch a break. They experience pain every second of their life.

    She happened to be one of those people.

    And it started at such a young age.

    When she was six years old, her mother—the person she loved and missed more than anything died of lung cancer. Then, instead of drowning in her grief, she had to push down her feelings for the sake of making sure her little sister was fed, bathed, and cared for. That should’ve been her father’s job, but of course, he buried himself in work and thrust all those responsibilities on her tiny shoulders.

    Eventually, she stopped being a child and turned into an adult. Taking care of her sister became her life, but then, her father sent her away for a better education. A better life. That should’ve felt amazing. She should’ve felt free. Felt like a child again, but that wasn’t the case. If anything, it made her feel even more alone.

    Over the years, the pain only increased. Loss of friends. Loss of family. Loss of herself. It all kept pouring down around her. To cope, she rebelled. She became this defiant, teasing, sarcastic woman. Boys. Drinking. Smoking. Parties. She partook in it all.

    But this was the worst pain she’s ever experienced. It wasn’t even the pain of what she had endured—what her sweet, innocent cousin had endured that had her already fragile heart shattering into millions of pieces. It was the two people who she’s always depended on. Always loved. They let her down in the worst way possible. And there was no way in hell she could ever forgive them.

    Not in this lifetime.

    Not ever.

    Once the car came to a complete stop, she hopped out of the backseat and rushed towards the barracks but came to an abrupt halt when Bruce Wayne, her best friend—the boy she’s known her entire life—the man she now wanted nothing to do with called out to her, “Lois! Wait!”

    “No!” She spun around, anger rolling off her in waves. “You don’t get to speak to me! You don’t get to apologize! You don’t get to do anything other than wallow in your own self-pity! You had your chance! It took me almost dying—spending two weeks in the ****ing hospital for you to believe me!” She stepped closer to him, more tears building in her eyes. “You were my best friend—my brother, but now you are none of those things, so just get in your fancy-ass helicopter and fly back to Gotham. I want nothing to do with you, and you can sure as hell bet I never want to see you again.”

    Her words shattered his heart, mind, and soul. That much was obvious. His dark, gleamy grey eyes darkened into sadness and maybe even a little regret. Then, he dropped his head, those dark, raven-black strands falling over his face. But she couldn’t find it within herself to care.

    “Lois! That’s quite enough! You—”

    “Don’t!” she interrupted her father.

    If she hated anyone more than Bruce, it was him. He was the ****ing cause of all of this. He was the reason this happened to her. To her cousin. They went to him for help, and he shut them down. Now, her cousin was back in Kansas with her father. With her friends. And she was stuck here, lost in her own downfall.

    It was all his fault.

    And she would never forgive him.

    “We went to you. You turned us away. Now, look at us. You have a niece who wants nothing to do with you and a daughter who despises you.”

    Sam Lane, a Four-Star General, who was usually stoic and gruff, looked even more heartbroken than Bruce did. His bright, brown eyes were shining with unshed tears right before he lowered his newly shaved head. But she didn’t care.

    “I hate both of you.”

    Without sparing them another glance, she stormed off towards her bedroom, ignoring all her father’s soldiers throwing her sympathetic looks. She didn’t want their pity. She wanted the world to swallow her whole.

    When she made it to her bedroom in the main hall, she slammed the door shut and locked it, assuring no one—mainly her father couldn’t get inside. She thought being back here after being stuck in that hospital for two damn weeks would make her feel better, but the memories slammed into her head over and over again.

    Before one memory, in particular, could bubble up to the surface, she rushed to the bathroom, slammed the door closed, and stripped off her dirty, wrinkled clothes. One long warm bath would help. It’d help with the physical and emotional pain. It’d help with the memories. But the second she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she knew the pain—the memories would always be there. She would always remember what he did to her. What he turned her into.

    No longer was she that strong, defiant woman. She was now a victim. And she would never be anything other than a victim.

    More tears filled her eyes and cascaded down her cheeks as she roamed them over every crevice of her naked body. Her long, wavy, dark brunette hair was tangled in knots. Her shimmering hazel eyes were void of any emotion. Even without the scars, anyone could tell she was a broken girl with a broken smile. A broken heart.

    Everything in her body screamed at her to look away, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away. The large bruise on her right cheek had faded into a light blue rather than a blistering red and purple. Her left eye was swollen. And her lower lip still had a deep slice in the center from where it had been busted open.

    Her gaze fell to the large, massive bruises covering her neck, arms, stomach, and legs. And that was all it took. She screamed. She screamed so loud she was positive people three states over could hear her cries of torment. Then, she collapsed to the hard ground, curling into a ball on the cold floor. How the **** did she let this happen?

    For sixteen years—her entire life, she’s been this strong, defiant woman who found joy and happiness in the life God gave her. Of course, she’s faced many ups and downs over the years. Some days, she wished she had a better life. A better family. And other days, she was perfectly content in this life, but now she was nothing except a tainted girl with a shattered heart and tattered soul.

    She was broken.

    She would always be broken.
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