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    What did YOU think the title "Man of Steel" meant? (Ep 7 Spoilers)

    When it was announced that Superman & Lois was doing an episode called "Man of Steel," very few of us realized they were referencing John Henry Irons a.k.a. Steel.

    For a BRIEF moment I know I thought "maybe..." but then I read interviews with the cast when the show came back and nobody let on. Plus, the press site at one point accidentally referred to the Stranger as "Alex Luthor," so I was firmly thinking that was just who he was.

    Once we knew it was a Luthor backstory, I thought maybe "Man of Steel" referenced the dark Superman of his world; like, maybe he has a steel resolve. Or it's a reference to the movie "Man of Steel" where he literally snaps Zod's neck, so he's not a nice person, just like the Superman of the Stranger's world?

    So what did everyone else think? Were you thrown off just like I was.

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    Wasn't expecting it at all before this episode. It never even crossed my mind. It's an interesting take on the character, and I'm interested to see how this plays out.

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