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    Superman & Lois: Rate #1.7 "Man of Steel"

    Talk about the May 25 episode of Superman & Lois here!

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    They got us good with the reveal and I smell Team Superman Family!!

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    My episode 7 review here.

    So David Ramsey of Arrow fame directed this episode which dealt with Jordan's growing super hearing and how he'll have to learn to deal with it plus a big reveal which surprised me then.

    I akin Jordan's non control of his super hearing to someone who either has a fear of loud noises like myself or an autistic person who can't deal with loudness and wears ear defenders to help them cope with that although I do know noise cancelling headphones don't block out sounds completely and so was slightly miffed Jordan didn't hear anything with them on obviously.

    Liked Clark using freeze breath gently to get his son's attention and also his and Lois's hug at the end when she talked about Jordan's concerns over his hearing.

    Their relationship barring the brothers continues to be one the shows highlights.

    Lana and Lois's team up continued with Lana looking out for anything suspicious on Edge whilst Lois investigated who the not so real Marcus Bridgewater was which turned out to be John Henry Irons (Steel) in the comics making Captain Luthor clearly a red herring the show put out to throw viewers of naturally.

    Flashbacks showed his and alternate Lois's life with their daughter Natalie and what happened there concerning evil Superman and other people who had Kryptonian powers most likely from ex Kryptonite.

    Did that happen the same way with an alternate version of Edge giving people powers like in the current time maybe?

    Poor Jordan trying so hard to hear just the ticking clock. Keep going little steps at a time and you'll get it eventually.

    I noticed another Smallville reference with the shop sign saying Teague.

    Nice seeing Chrissy again who we'd hadn't in while.

    First sight of Clark using telescoping to see ahead.

    Could Johnathan have an admirer perhaps?

    Sarah's picture helped Jordan control his hearing although he needs to learn to keep his emotions in check and not punch walls in his bedroom then.

    Now I understand John's anger with Superman because of how alternate Lois was killed because she found out about Kryptonite and it's weakness towards evil Superman.

    I imagined John was Thor almost with the hammer.

    Johnathan continues to be the voice of reason and the heart of the family even without powers obviously.

    I'm glad Lois and Clark told their sons the truth about what's happening.

    I guess we'll find out more about John Henry Irons next week then.


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