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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Superman & Lois: Rate #1.6 "Broken Trust"

    What did you think of the May 18 return episode of Superman & Lois?

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    Dec 10
    Much enjoyable after that hiatus. Jordan not handling his super-hearing becomes a frustration as he should have some kind of control. I like that there are tensions and trust issues between the characters.

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    Chatterbox Christian moviefan2k4's Avatar
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    Jul 04
    I've really enjoyed all the episodes so far; can't find much fault in any of them. That's huge praise from someone like me, who tends to criticize almost everything to the Nth degree.

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    Nov 18
    I think this may be my favourite after the first two episodes So many great moments.

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    Nelle SVfan87's Avatar
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    Nov 08
    Loved it! Tyler Hoechlin has me sold. Goofy Clark, stern father Clark, loveable Superman, menacing Superman... He does it all. Love him. Love the show.

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    New In Town
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    Nov 18
    He really does do it all. I have always been a Tyler fan, since his Derek Hale days so him getting to play my favourite superhero of all time was something I looked forward to from the moment he was cast. I am so grateful he gets to show people how wonderful the character of Superman/Clark Kent really is, especially now in an age where there's evil, dark and edgy re-imaginings of the character with guys like Homelander, Omni-man etc. He's like an oasis in the middle of the desert and I'm eating it all up.

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    Jun 12
    What I thought of episode 6 here.

    Oh my goodness I'm so glad this show is back.

    Great recap of what's happened already encase people had forgotten then.

    Jordan are you okay? Thank god dad arrived there.

    Yay Superman saved the train like in the 1978 movie showcasing the situation unfolding was more important than trying to catch Tag.

    Being human Jordan's not as invulnerable as Clark.

    There's that investigative mind of Lois we all remember.

    Using the folks of Smallville and putting Lana as Edge's leader to get his own ends is creepy.

    Is Jordan developing super hearing perhaps?

    His and Jon's brotherly relationship continues to be a highlight of the series like with the talk they both had afterwards about what's happening to Jordan.

    I'm continuing to dislike Kyle who's blindsided by what Lois's saying about Edge but I also understand why he and Lana respect the man because of how's the towns drying up work wise and the jobs he'll give people then.

    I loved the barn scene with Clark and the boys and screamed when Jordan punched the log.

    Lana and Sarah's mother/daughter relationship I still like but I hope nothing happens to Sarah concerning Tag.

    And we see Metropolis again.

    Jordan needs to tell his dad what's happening.

    Jon getting the touchdown was great who I cheered at afterwards then.

    Clark absorbing Jordan's heat vision was sweet. I'm glad he was there in time.

    Felt sorry for Jordan and how he felt being the weird kid with headaches.

    I could see Johnathan was uncomfortable going out with the other Crows boys. Him nearly loosing his hands to save his brothers reputation is why I love this boy.

    Superman's scary when he's shoot at but so good how he cares for the common man.

    The show really is setting up Sam Lane to be a villain this season then.

    Lois saw through Marcus's rouse if that's even his actual first name or a fake one actually.

    Clark's talk with Jordan about the boy keeping his emotions in check is what makes him a hero.

    I feel if Sarah knew what Jordan was she'd accept that actually.

    So Lana's team Lois now then and will use her new position to spy on Edge.

    Jordan I hope your okay? Clark please save him.


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