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    Flash #7.6 "The One With The Nineties"

    Talk about the 4/6/21 episode of The Flash here!


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    Barry being uncomfortable with Speed Force Nora should be the main storyline emphasis than Cisco and Chester stuck in 1998.

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    For a filler episode it was ok and it gave Chester some overdue character development. Plus, his scenes with Cisco have been really fun this season. My only gripe was that the reveal of Deon being the Still Force and the use of his powers were somewhat confusing.

    The "Nora" scenes were a mixed bag. They are compensating for their small budget by giving the SF a physical form and revisiting stuff that has been already addressed in the past. And I am not sure Barry feeling awkward around her is needed either. That said, Michelle Harrison is a lovely actress and it's nice to see her get a run of episodes on the show.

    I was surprised to see that this was a Barry-light episode. We usually get 1 or 2 every season, but only after a big crossover when Grant gets some time off. Now we are still 6 episodes into the season. On the other hand, Tom Cavanagh is still missing, from the show and the credits...



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