"The British 'ave Come"/"Pigeon Post"/"Savile Row to the Rescue"

Listen very carefully, I shall say 'zis only once!

Café owner René Artois finds himself drawn into the French resistence during WWII. This sitcom heavily parodied earlier WWII series Secret Army (1977-1979). Additionally, Herr Flick was a parody of Ronald Lacey's character in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).

Rewatched the first three episodes yesterday. The show was created by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, who had previously co-created Are You Being Served?. Being the first three episodes, the show hadn't yet evolved into what it would become. General von Klinkerhoffen is yet to be introduced. Yvette does not go "Ooooooh, René". Helga does not yet announce people, by yelling at the top of her voice. Officer Crabtree doesn't show up until series two (so no one says "Good moaning!").

Lt. Gruber is simply a German soldier, on leave from the Russian front. He has not yet become Colonel von Stroh's assistant. Though, his most noteworthy trait is already there. Really a big shift from the übercamp Mr. Humphries, on Are You Being Served?, where the eternally unanswered question was "is he, or isn't he?". There is nothing ambigious about Gruber.

In two of the episodes, the French resistence is depicted as including men. As the show progresses, I think that the resistence (both the de Gaulle one and the communist one) is depicted as all female.

Minor trivia: the actress who plays Helga is the aunt (by marriage) of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan.