Is there anything that I could say, about Doc Ock throwing a car at Peter and MJ, that haven't been said a thousand times before? It really only makes sense, if Otto already knew that Peter was Spider-Man. Anyone else would've been killed.

The film is set two years, after the first one (as established by May's comment that Ben died almost two years ago). Peter is still obsessing over MJ. In fact, his obsession is so strong, that realizing that they might never be together causes him to lose his powers. Then regain them, after Otto takes MJ hostage. Not when he sees a guy being beaten up, in an alley. Then he just turns and walks away. I guess, in this universe, to get Spider-Man to help you, you need to have red hair... and be named Reefer.

Peter and MJ still don't work for me. He still feels like a stalker. Speaking of MJ, while commenting on the first film, I noted that the film seemed to forget about her abusive father. Well, here, she's shown to just be randomly hanging out in the backyard of her childhood home. Odd thing, for a former victim of child abuse. She's also not really given anything to do (again), outside of her role as love interest and damsel in distress.

Peter makes the choice to give up being Spider-Man. Only, his powers were already fading. Not really giving something up, if you're faced with the possibility that your powers were never permanent.

Speaking of this movie being set two years after the first. In the first, Harry swore to make Spider-Man pay (for "killing" his father). I'm curious if he has made any attempts at revenge, in the past two years. Maybe hired some mercenaries, supplying them with tech. Would've been an interesting little thing to see.

Thought that they did an okay job with Otto. Unlike Green Goblin, he's given a a clear, ultimate goal for the movie. They also put him in a position, where you kind of understand where he's coming from. His wife is killed, so he becomes obsessed with his life's work.

I appreciate the introduction of Dr. Curt Connors. Establishing and setting him up, in case a future had done the Lizard. Though, this Curt's field of science doesn't make it seem likely that he'd become involved in experiments involving lizard DNA. Of course, between these two films, you get the impression that the writers attitude is: "science is science".

Speaking of the writers, the credited writers include AlMiles of Smallville fame. They wrote an earlier draft of the script, where Otto was younger and there was a love triangle involving Otto, MJ and Peter. Between that script and Smallville, why were they so obsessed with making women key to conflicts between men? Making the female main character, into nothing more a plot device, to get two men to fight each other (though, this movie still manages to do this, without a love triangle).

In addition to Dr. Connors, we also meet astronaut John Jameson. Who is established as having been on the moon, but I'll wait to comment on him, until I'm commenting on the third movie.

The location for Otto's original experiment seems odd. It's in his home, in a residential area. Not in a proper lab, somewhere safe (how did they get permission from the city, to conduct this experiment?). I can buy the location for the second experiment. Otto's got nowhere else to go. He's too blinded by grief and obsession to care about safety. However, he didn't seem to care much about safety, during the first experiment. No safety gear for the spectators. Metallic objects being pulled into the sphere (when necklaces were ripped off, I was thinking: "I sure hope that no one was wearing earrings"). Maybe remove everything unnecessary, before the experiment. Do it in a sterile enviroment.