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    Lost in Time

    Note: Hello all! I know have lots of unfinished Smallville stories. I will start finishing them soon. But this plot idea got me back in into Smallville again so I thought I would post it and let my ideas flourish. Hope you guys enjoy this!

    Summary: What if the legion ring took Lois to the 31st century? Her disappearance was enough to create a fragment in time which caused a small glitch into the golden age of the future. With her gone, Clark's path to the actual peaceful future was disrupted. Can Lois manage to bring Clark back into the track he is meant to be? Unfortunately, Lois is not the only person that is back

    Chapter 1

    3 weeks. It had been 3 weeks and 2 days since he last saw her….since he last heard her. He couldn't help but count the seconds. Though he had told Chloe that he wouldn't be Clark anymore, that he wouldn't be the human Clark who cared, the one thing that was still tying him to humanity was that thought of that bright beaming smile and hazel eyes….Lois.

    The last thing he heard from her was her excited voice. And that flash of that empty phone booth. It still haunted him that he couldn't find her at all. That she wasn't there. And he knew she would have been there.

    The thought that something could have happened to her while he wasn't there…that he couldn't save her or that someone took her…it was too terrifying.

    His only consolation was that there weren't any bodies found that matched her description. No news was good news in this case. If she had been found…he wouldn't know what to do.It completely blindsided him just how much he was affected by Lois's disappearance. Somehow over the past few months and years she had buried herself in the corner of his heart. He had been blinded by Lana's return, so surprised that the nostalgia overshadowed momentarily his feelings for Lois. His very strong feelings which he had been subconsciously ignoring. Said feelings which he couldn't avoid after losing her…
    What he hadn't been able to acknowledge when she was around…he realized it with painful clarity when she was gone…
    He clenched his fist in anger as he thought of the worst-case scenario. Though the hope floated since no body was found, full disappearance wasn't a good thing either. Was she okay? Was she under someone's control? Tortured?
    The thought and uncertainty of Lois was killing him. Pain which he hadn't even felt when Lana left again.
    3 weeks and still he couldn't give up. How could he? His eyes shut down and he punched the phone booth in front of him. The damned phone booth which he kept visiting every night hoping that somehow, she would come there. She promised it…wouldn't she?
    No matter how ridiculous it felt to have that hope he didn't give up. He couldn't give it up.He counted each second as he kept staring at the booth. It was while he was thinking of that that his hearing picked up a distant sound of ruckus. A ruckus that sounded awfully like a train or monorail going off track. Frowning at the fact that this was interrupting his time, Clark shook his head and used his senses to run to the direction he heard the noise from. In seconds he reached there and held out his hands to catch the train going off track. The second he caught it, the train bent. He looked at it first and then he picked up a vision from the corner of his eyes that surprised him. That almost blinded him.
    A familiar face popped in the corner of his eyes. It was so surprising that he froze and then turned his head to take in the vision.
    As if a dream, in the window that he could see from his train, he spotted the familiar vision of Lois Lane.
    Though her head was crashed against the window, her forehead bleeding…she was definitely breathing and most definitely the one and only Lois Lane. Alive. Found and alive…An automatic smile of relief overtook his face as he noticed her. Unable to help himself he let down the train. He should have left but he couldn't move. He was rooted at the spot staring at window which was his first glimpse of Lois in weeks. He stared, anxiously as she let out a groan and held her head. He watched as she blinked. The second she started to turn her head out of the window he finally found the will to leave. She couldn't see him.
    So with heavy heart he speeded out of view but his eyes were still rooted down where he could see her walking out of the wrecked train….
    He smiled seeing her look around but then Jor-el's voice shot through his mind.
    You must forget your humanity if you want to be your best Kal-el…''
    Everything that happened 3 weeks ago proved that.
    And he had done so well to extract that humanity out of him…but Lois. Lois…she was one thing that could bring that out of him. He needed to be strong. He couldn't afford that…So with heavy heart Clark stared at Lois…he couldn't be with her. He couldn't be near her…he steeled his heart and turned to leave…his feet reluctant. He couldn't be with her…He clenched his fist and then speeded away. Lois was fine…she would be okay. She would be okay and he would stay away from her. He would. She made him feel too many things, she made him Clark and Clark Kent was dead and he would have to stay that way.
    Lois held her pounding head once more as she stumbled around the empty streets as chaos exploded with other people coming out of the wrecked train.
    "For god's sake…my poor head is killing me…" Lois whispered as she felt dizzy and sat down on the side walk.
    Her brain was scrambled, scrambled enough that she was dazed and confused for few seconds. She blinked a few times and then spotted a newspaper lying in the streets. Wet but still legible newspaper. With her eyes widening she ran to it and picked up the dirty wet newspaper, her eyes going to the date immediately. When she spotted the year a sense of relief flooded her and she smiled.
    Then her eyes went on the actual day and her eyes widened. A complicated look overtook her features and she groaned. So much for accurate time travelling ring…she didn't end up back on the day she disappeared.
    How was she meant to save Clark?

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    It seems there’s not a lot of propone around here now, but please keep on writing! I really hope you do. I love Clois and I miss them so much!


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