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    #15.14 "Last Holiday"

    Talk about the 10/8/20 return episode of Supernatural here!

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    So, no recap this time, sorry guys (think I'm done with those with the last 7 episodes).

    I did enjoy this one, more than I was expecting (it looked a bit silly and cringe from the previews). It was fun and it was sweet and it was nice to see the boys be 'mothered' as well as enjoy the good things in life. the Dean and Jack conversation was good too, in that they finally seem to be patching things up.

    Nice callback to the Christmas episode, as well, with the fingernails (gross!) and the "language".

    I did have issues with a wood nymph being portrayed this way. Would have worked much better if it had been a Brownie, IMO.

    But overall, an enjoyable ep and a nice way to come back for the final episodes.


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