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    Supergirl Ending With Season 6

    Whelp! That comes as no surprise with Melissa Benoist becoming a first time mom and ‘Superman & Lois’ entering the Arrowverse fold.

    They, at least, have time to give it a proper ending. And I’m sure that Melissa and the rest of the crew will make occasional appearances in the other Arrowverse shows.
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    “To say it has been an honor portraying this iconic character
    Not trying to hate on anything here. But I don't think I've ever seen Supergirl be described as an iconic character before. Wonder Woman, yes (in several ways). Jean Grey and Storm I've definitely seen described as iconic. Princess Leia, Ellen Ripley, Buffy Summers, Lara Croft (and so on)... but never Supergirl. The one "iconic" Supergirl moment, that I can think of, would be the Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (October, 1985) cover, which has her dead in Superman's arms (a cover that appears to have been based on the cover for Uncanny X-Men #136 (August, 1980), where Cyclops holds an apparently dead Jean in his arms). Her (possibly only) iconic moment is being killed off (then erased from continuity. While there were other Supergirls in the years to come, the Kara Zor-El version stayed gone for nearly 20 years). The cover image, a copy of one done five years earlier with Jean Grey (who was brought back, within like six years... not two decades).
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    She will never be as iconic as Superman or Batman or even Catwoman

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    I think it’s the correct decision to end Supergirl, the last two seasons (especially the last) have been horrible. Poor writing has ruined this show along with Supergirl herself been relegated to a background character far too often. I wasn’t gonna watch S6 but with it been the last I’ll definitely watch it now.


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