KRC or KITTsupercar or "KITT Vincenzo Knight", is a dishonest seller. When I ordered a front bumper from them on ebay, Vincenzo & Luca offered me to ship it in a wooden crate for a few hundred dollars more. The item was $850 after prime & sanding so it would've been almost half the price for the extra wooden crate. I asked them to please just make sure it's packed correctly as any seller . They said they would try their best. When I received the package, it was just wrapped in a very thin layer of bubble wrap & had absolutely no chance of making the long journey from Italy to the US. I received it cracked in 4 different places. Please see pictures below.I then contacted them&they offered me $50 to repair it.I knew it would cost almost as much as the whole bumper to repair it as labor rates in my area were very expensive.I told them I'd get them an estimate & I did. It turned out to be $735 to repair it. I made sure the estimate didn't include paint or installation. I gave them the estimate& they offered to send me a new bumper but I told them I preferred not to wait any longer as it took 5 weeks to get it and my car was in the shop waiting for it. Also, they would not guarantee that it would make it to me undamaged as it wouldn't be in a wooden crate of. Negotiations stopped immediately & they ignored my messages & just had eBay take over.Somehow, when I initially bought the bumper, because I paid for extra work, they tricked me into paying them outside of the auction and eBay said that because I did that, I was no longer protected under the guarantee that eBay provides.These guys knew exactly what they were doing from the beginning& purposely had me pay that that way.I'm sure they have done this many times before.Knight Rider fabs, beware of KRC or as they call themselves on eBay, "or "KITTsupercar" or "KITT Vincenzo Knight".