Was nervous going into this one. It's a time travelers go back in time and interact with famous people plot, which I'm not too fond of. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Got nervous when a lightning figure began being seen outside the house (the whole lightning thing in Frankenstein was a Hollywood invention, not from the original novel). Appreciated that the episode didn't do an overkill of Mary Shelley references... like they did with Agatha Christie in series 4 (where titles of Christie's books was randomly thrown into lines of dialogue).

Would've liked to have seen Dr. Polidori (the guy who wrote The Vampyre, a story born out of the same contest as Mary's story) gotten some love from the main characters. Though, at the same time, I can accept that Graham, Ryan and Yaz might not be too familiar with him. You don't often hear people talk about Polidori, as much as they reference Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Mary (with the last one, in reference to Frankenstein, not any of her other books).