Again with the preachy. The Tardis gang find themselves on a toxic orphan planet... turns out it was Earth in a possible future, where the world was destroyed by global climate change and nuclear war. Ends with the Doctor giving a heavyhanded speech. I don't mind Doctor Who touching upon issues. In fact, they have for a long time. The second ever serial of the classic era had the characters visit a world devastated by nuclear war. The Green Death touched upon pollution. Remembrance of the Daleks touched upon racism in Great Britian. The Happiness Patrol was a satire of the then British government. The Curse of Fenric had the Doctor and Ace encounter Haemovores, a future human race, mutated by toxic pollution. What I do mind is heavyhanded speeches, lectures that no one would actually give in that moment.

You know, the moment when you're expecting the Doctor to use the Tardis to go back to Orphan 55 and save Kane and Bella. But, she doesn't. She gives a speech and leaves those two to their own fate. The handling of the Kane character annoyed me. She wants to terraform the Earth (restoring it), but the Doctor judges her, because Kane will then stand to earn a few bucks when the atmosphere is cleaned. Wanting to help the planet is good... unless you might stand to profit from it.