Sigh, I've wanted to see Stephen Fry on Doctor Who for years. But, had always imagined him playing Oscar Wilde (again).

Finally picked up the series 12 DVD and have watched the opening two-parter. Thought it was a bit uneven. The first episode was pretty boring, until O revealed his true identity. Suddenly, when the actor finally could let loose, there were a lot more energy in the scene.

Then we got into the second part, where the Doctor meets Ada Lovelace and Noor Inayat Khan. Fun to see see the Doctor interact with historical figures, in an episode not built around them (unlike The Shakespeare Code and The Unicorn and the Wasp, which were pretty much an hour of us being told that William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie are extraordinary).

We're reintroduced to the Timeless Child, something brought up briefly in series 11... As everything's been out for months, I won't bother with spoiler tags here. Already when the Timeless Child was mentioned in "The Ghost Monument", I knew that it was refering to the Doctor. The Timeless Child was never a mystery for me.

Gallifrey's been destroyed... again. Davies destroyed it, Moffat brought it back. Now Chris Chibnall's destroyed it again. Wanna bet that the next showrunner brings it back, again?

With this being a Chibnall script, naturally it gets really preachy about social media and modern technology.