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    Is Batwoman review bombed, or is it really that bad?

    So even though the critics didn’t love it, they did give Batwoman a generally positive review on rotten tomatoes. But the audience score for Batwoman is like a 12%, and the IMDB rating is even worse with a 3.1, and each episode rating is really low. I would’ve thought this is probably a piece of crap, but with the Watchmen premier receiving low ratings from the audience but high praise from the critics (and I enjoyed the Watchmen pilot)as well, I was wondering if people are just review bombing Batwoman, or is it really just not worth watching at all?

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    I guess it depends on whom read or asked. IMO the action are pretty good but the writing could use some improvement. If the TV ratings were that bad , CW wouldn't give the show a second season.

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    Reviews hold up zero credibility nowadays because most of them have a clear and biased agenda. Audience scores (or at least an average of them) would give you a better idea.

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    I'm just a casual viewer of Batwoman, and I've missed a few eps., but from what I've seen it has its good moments and rough ones as a series.

    They're pretty much spot-on with their main antagonist, Alice. She's basically the reason to watch (some might say the only reason) and Rachel Skarsten is absolutely killing it in the role. She's Slade, Reverse Flash, Lex Luthor-level to put it into perspective. They need to lock her down in a long-term contract, if they haven't already. The supporting cast is likeable enough for the most part.

    It's a moot point how good or bad Ruby Rose was in the role, with the recent news of her departure, but I'd say that overall she was alright. Maybe not great, but she got the job done and she sold the action part of the role on average. She grew into the role, but it took most of S1 to do so.

    As for writing, when it was good it was very good. When it was bad, it was atrocious ... esp. early on in the series when they were trying to find their footing. No better or worse than the stuff we're currently getting from The Flash, Supergirl, etc. Choppy, inconsistent writing has been a CW plague for years even with fan favourites Supergirl and Flash.

    I'd also agree that, esp. with Batwoman, viewers need to take some of the reviews out there with a grain of salt. The series is not the dumpster fire that some of these axe-to-grind reviews made it out to be. Have they had dumpster fire episodes or plots? Oh yeah, but with the Arrowverse we've sadly come to expect those over a 22-23 ep seasons. And this current pandemic obviously forced all of them to rush their season finales or cobble them together out of scraps.

    I'm not sure how a brand-new lead dropping into Kate Kane's boots will play out, but I guess they could chalk it up to Crisis blowback, temporal glitches or whatever chaos Legends stirred up this time.
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    +1 when it comes to Alice, she's the star that makes the whole thing enjoyable! And yes, official critics are worthless (and still, it's not "video game journalism" bad, but that's another issue)! I mean, we've recently had a lot of movies who were shot down by the press but made a killing at the box office, and vice versa.


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