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    Flash #6.16 "So Long And Goodnight"

    Talk about the April 21 episode of The Flash here!


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    I thought Joe's exit was kind of overdramatized. It's not the first time he's left. Good episode though. With Barry's speed fizzling out and Wally-Frost missing, it really felt like there were high stakes at play here.

    The funny thing is that we are supposed to believe that the end of the episode was evil Iris at work. As if there's any difference to how this Iris and the real Iris would have reacted at that moment.

    Anyway, 3 episodes left apparently. 6.19 will have a cliffhanger but not as big as the one 6.22 was going to have (involving the Reverse Flash). This whole situation has been tragic on multiple levels and it sucks that one of the side effects was tv shows halting their production. As far as The Flash goes, it's also a lousy situation because 6B was leaps and bounds better than 6A and its big bad arc was very intriguing.
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    After the episode, all i can say is Joseph Carver is gonna get his head handed to him by either Team Flash, Eva or maybe both. You dont pull that kind of evilness and get away with it, especially not in the Arrowverse. Even if his fate gets delayed until next season, his actions will come back and bite him. Hes the kind of villain i love to hate because hes a selfish, narcissistic sociopath.

    I do have to say this. The real Iris wouldnt have said the "so now youre not the only one whos lost your parents" line. She gets mad but she wouldnt go that cold to say that. That was an extremely low blow. No wonder Barry starts to figure it out. Also, Joe wouldve told her to back off if she said that.
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