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    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of "Galaxy Brain"?

    Apologies for this being so late! Things have been rather busy here this week.

    After such a long break and with the series finale coming up quite quickly (we are, after all, over halfway through the season, I believe?), this episode felt like a letdown. I know it’s important to, as Chuck said, tie up all loose ends and snip all the dangling plot threads (and I’m grateful we did something with the Dark Kaia story, as well as seeing Jody again).

    But, tbh, I’ve never really care much about Kaia’s story, or Alex’s or heck, even Claire’s. Well, Claire’s more than the rest but still, not a lot. I had planned on watching Wayward Sisters but mostly for Jody and Sheriff Donna. That’s who I want(ed) to see more of.

    Sidenote: I read that this episode was suggested by none other than Jensen Ackles himself, who didn’t like that Dean had broken a promise uttered ‘on screen’ and wanted his promise to Kaia resolved.

    We being 4 weeks ago on Earth 2 at a Radio Shed (cute). A customer is shopping while a radio is playing, talking about President Hillary Clinton in Iowa launching her re-election campaign.

    Chuck shows up and says “It’s monologue time”. And proceeds to do exactly that, while showing us different versions of Sam and Dean from various Earths.

    Chuck:” Dean says I'm not going to get the ending I want. And I don't know. Maybe -- I -- I mean that shouldn't matter, right? I've gotten what I want from hundreds of Sams and Deans. I could get what I want from a hundred more. And I don't care. Those other toys they don't -- they don't... spark joy. But Sam and Dean... the real Sam and Dean... they do. They challenge me... They disappoint me... They surprise me. They're... the ones.”

    That bit about he got what he wanted from hundreds. So, other Sam and Dean’s have gone full Cain and Abel?

    Chuck (again): “It's time to clear the board. All the other worlds, alternate realities, the subplots... the failed spin-offs... It's time to start cancelling shows.” I smiled at this line. Back to the sole reality, it seems (very ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, the original comic book story I mean, guys).

    We have our title card and then it’s Jody! Always a pleasure to see her. She’s investigating a cow mutilation, gets a call and says it’s human on animal violence.

    We cut back to the Bunker, where Team Freewill is talking about Billie’s plan. Sam is worried about Jack, Dean seems to accept that Billie knows what she’s doing and Sam is skeptical and wants to know more.

    And we also get the director credit. I do enjoy Speight’s direction. It’s always so stylistic.

    Dean and Cas have a drink and talk about Chuck. Dean points out that Chuck planned for them to go full Cain and Abel and now Team Freewill is going Biblical on him.

    They are interrupted by a call from Jody to come or she’s dead. They find her and also Dark Kaia. We find out that Dark Kaia has been seeing through goodKaia’s eyes (cause she’s alive) and that they are linked. Also, Dark Kaia wants to go back to her world.

    We cut back to the Bunker, where Cas and Jack are playing Connect 4 (Speight mentioned this was not in the script but was added by him with help from Misha. Dark Kaia ends up chained and reading a fashion mag? Whose?! (Wonder if Dean didn’t subscribe in Sam’s name as a joke/prank? LOL)

    Jack seems to find an answer but we find out won’t work because John Winchester killed the last Mandragora? (At this point, I was thinking “guys, instead of finding another way to get to Dark Kaia’s world, why not find a way to mask Jack and his powers from God? Wouldn’t that be easier?” And lo and behold, a short while later--!)

    We find out that Claire is in Yosemite, chasing down a lead (that is a wild goose chase).

    Dark Kaia and Jack have a talk. And, honestly, I didn’t care much so I kinda fast forwarded through it.

    Jack is about to use his powers anyway when a Reaper shows up (had been there earlier as well). Jack blackmails the Reaper into helping. We find out that the warding is lacking and the Reaper, with Castiel’s help, juices it back up again so Jack is off Chuck’s radar. And that was when I was thinking “oh good, they finally thought of it. Oh wait, they didn’t, the Reaper did.” And facepalmed a little bit.

    The wards get restored and Jack opens the portal. Cas asks Jody to stay, in case something goes wrong. The boys and Dark Kaia go through and find Kaia. They save her while Dark Kaia, and her world, dies.

    Kaia goes with Jody (how does Jody feed all these girls on her Sheriff’s pay? Also, how many is she sheltering now?).

    Billie appears and kills the Reaper then greets them with a “hello boys”. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now I’m having Crowley flashbacks, which just makes me miss him.

    We find out that Billie approves of what they’ve done and she tells them about the destruction of the other worlds. She also tells them that even God has a book and he doesn’t know what’s in it. (We also get a flashback to the previous Death. Always a pleasure to see Julian again.) We find out that the boys are in God’s book too and that they are “messengers of God’s destruction”.

    Back to Earth 2, where we find out that God has been keeping that worker serving him for weeks. He seems to indicate the kid will be fine (even caressing his face) then walks out and the world is destroyed by asteroids or whatever. Yeah, cause Chuck lying to the kid wasn’t something we all saw coming a mile away.

    So yeah, while I’m somewhat relieved to have loose ends tied up and, as I said before, always a pleasure to see Jody again, this felt a bit like filler.

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