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    Logopolis (Classic era serial)

    Ugh, Adric... Why did you have to tag along from E-space? The Tardis was really becoming crowded, at the end of Baker's tenure. First they had Adric. Then Keeper of Traken happened, and they suddenly decided to make this intended one-off character, Nyssa, a new companion. Now, in this story, a third one comes along.

    It's much easier to write, no doubt, when the Doctor's only got one companion. In fact, one of my favorite parts is when Adric and Nyssa leaves Logopolis, and the Doctor's only got Tegan.

    I know Peter Davison liked Nyssa and pushed for her to be used a lot, but I don't care for her. Also weren't crazy about her performance, when she learns that the Master's killed her father; then when she learns that Traken have been destroyed. I've seen people be more emotional, when their laptops crash.

    It would've been amusing to see this story be played out, over four episodes, today. Part of the story involves the Doctor's trying to fix the Chameleon circuit, so that the Tardis wouldn't constantly be a police box anymore. These days, the internet would be up in flames, the moment that they even hear a hint that the Tardis might be ceasing to be a police box. Online petitions, actors, writers and producers harrassed on social media, even death threats. All over something that, ultimately, turns out to not even be happening.

    This story was important, as it marked the end of the 4th Doctor, after seven years. Something that was reported about, on the news. Recasting annoucements are not done on the actual news... except for Doctor Who.

    I like that they had him go out, saving the universe, going out big.
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