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    Which storyline is best for a first time comic reader?

    I’ve always been really interested in reading comics, I read The Walking Dead for a long time but I’m much more into the heroes and villains of DC now. As someone new to this universe, would anyone be able to recommend good storylines to get into for a first time reader? My favorite heroes are Superman and Batman, but I don’t wanna try to go back to their orginial issue #1’s. I’ve been told New 52 is a good place to start, but Rebirth is newer so is that the one I should read instead? Mainly, I just don’t want to read something that requires prior knowledge or requires me to have read something previously to understand characters and events that have already happened. Also, I’ve heard a lot about things like “Flashpoint” and “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” are those storylines their own continuity or are they just moments in time throughout a longer series like New 52 or Rebirth?tweakbox appvalley
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