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    Jimmy's heritage

    A lot of focus have been given to the heritage of Lana Lang over the years. However, I'd like to take a moment and discuss Jimmy's heritage.

    Over his time on the show, he gave a lot of inconsistent claims about his family. One time ("Rage"), he spends Thanksgiving with his mother. Another ("Committed"), he claims to have never really known her (suggesting that she split, when he was just a baby). Originally, Jimmy was said to have been a student at Metropolis High. Then he claims ("Committed") to have only come there as an adult, from a Southern state (with no hint of an Southern accent).

    His father's into ham radio. He's an investment banker, no he's a part-time mechanic who is constantly drunk. However, the man that we saw with James Bartholomew Olsen (presumably their father) at the older Jimmy's funeral, didn't come across like a part-time mechanic with severe alcohol problems. The episode also showed Jimmy having bought an apartment for Chloe, in a building that dwarfed LuthorCorp Plaza (really, a newspaper photographer, the son of a part-time mechanic (who'd likely spend all his money on drinks), could afford that?).

    In "Doomsday", he's shown to have a never before mentioned younger brother, who is close to ten years younger than him. This younger brother grows up to be the spitting image of Jimmy (which would suggest that both their parents are the same). If Jimmy's parents had another son, nearly ten years after he was born, then surely he would've known his mother.

    So, we can't look to any episodes pre-"Doomsday" for accurate information about Jimmy's family. Jimmy spent Thanksgiving 2006 with his mother, yet she left when he was maybe a baby. Yet, he has a full brother, born around ten years after him.

    At the funeral, Jimmy's dad places his hand on the coffin. The younger brother touches his hand, and they begin to walk off together. A woman touches his shoulder, he puts his arm around her (during which, we can see that he is wearing a wedding ring) and the younger brother, as they walk off together.

    The woman in question could be Jimmy's mother (she, at least, appears to be the wife of his father). Now, as for why this relates to Jimmy's heritage: the woman in question is African American. So, if she is the biological mother of perhaps both Olsen brothers, then they are both part African American.
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    The mother is easy to explain away. He could've meant that his biological mom broke up with his father and then was distant for a while. To explain his younger brother, it could be that she and his father tried to rekindle their romance after some years apart and tried to get back together for the sake of the kids or something. Only to prove that they were incompatible once again.

    His bio-mom was a ****** parent and were never that close to him so he could be correct in that he never really knew her.

    Dad's new wife, on the other hand, he considers her to be like his "real mom" than his bio-mom was. She's the one he spends thanksgiving with, etc.

    The father's background, on the other hand, is harder to explain in a logical fashion beyond saying "the writers didn't care about continuity." It could be that the father went through some difficult times, and held different jobs at different periods in his life, before finally getting his life together.


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