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    Krypton #2.2 "Ghost In The Fire"

    Talk about the second episode of Krypton Season 2 here!


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    Pretty solid episode that advanced every storyline well.

    Lobo is a mixed bag for me. There are times where I like how outlandish he is and there are times where I find him to be a bit too much. That said, his merry go round with Seg and Adam was definitely the strongest part of the episode. It was also nice to see that they didn't waste any time revealing what happened to Brainiac and what danger Seg is in. That's one of the positives of shows like this only having 10 episodes per season.

    The Nyssa stuff was kind of weird. I expected Val and Dax to be more suspicious of her because her story was hardly convincing. But who knows? Maybe they know what her play is and they're using her to draw Zod towards them.

    Lyta is really unhinged now. I don't get it though. Does Seg's absence alone justify how dark she has become? Or are we supposed to believe her son's influence played a part.

    Speaking of Lyta, General Zod took some kind of perverse pleasure in his mother raising Cor. Maybe because he knows Cor is going to be Jor-El and he likes the irony of a Zod raising him?

    Nice to finally have an update on Jayna.

    I take it Kem is no longer on the show?


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