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    Cloak & Dagger #2.10 "Level Up"

    Really enjoyed the finale (hoping for a third season). Glad to see the whole framing storyline with Tyrone be concluded.

    Thought the ending was really good. Probably a good choice to have Tyrone and Tandy leave New Orleans. Opens new possibilities, where they go somewhere new every season and deal with a problem (rather than all the bad stuff happening in one city). Also, a good choice not to reveal where they are going. Means that the writers won't be locked into one place, for season 3, which wouldn't come out for almost a year anyway (meaning that they've probably already moved on, from wherever they're going for, for several months). It's always a good idea, to not show your hand too fast, in case things don't work out (and you'll have to do something different). Which is a mistake that shows and movies in this genre sometimes do. The important thing is that Tyrone and Tandy will now travel somewhere and try to help people. It's a simple ending/cliffhanger, but you still want more.
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    I liked that ending as well too. and I wonder if they'll eventually start wearing costumes, as not to be tracked down by the law. Cloak's already got his, kinda. Because face it, they do seem to be magnets for trouble... heh. I can see the local law enforcement in the other cities getting the wrong idea at first. Because of course we need that trope to drive the story along sometimes.

    And they'd need to hide who they are because this time next season they won't have Officer "Mayhem" brigid to help them out, or their parental support groups.


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