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    Riverdale "Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive the Night"

    [SPOILER]Penelop Blossom[/SPOILER] is revealed as the mastermind behind everything. Which I totally didn't figure out 6+ months ago. Granted, I was expecting her to be the Gargoyle King, but I'm still counting this (as it would've been her in the suit, that young Alice saw in "The Midnight Club"). It was pretty predictable as [SPOILER]they established it a long time ago, that she had spent years at the orphanage (where the Gargoyle King and G&G hailed from).[/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER]Alice is suddenly revealed to be working with the FBI, to take down the Farm.[/SPOILER] That does not line up with anything she's done this past season.

    [SPOILER]The entire Farm vanishes and Kevin is left behind[/SPOILER] (because no one likes him; the others were just looking for an excuse to dump him).

    [SPOILER]The supposed dead Charles shows up and is an FBI-agent. [/SPOILER]

    I had hoped that Hiram would be done, but I guess he's not (ugh).

    The flashforward didn't capture my interest. I also smell fake-out. The only way that [SPOILER]Jughead is dead, is if Cole Sprouse decides to leave the show.[/SPOILER]

    Will probably not stick with the show for season four.

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    Yeah, like I said last week....Hiram would get his revenge, lol. I don't blame him though and in a way, his wife got what she deserved. She did try to kill him after all.

    No mention of Fred at all in the finale, kind of disappointed. My guess is they will resolve that sometime next season and have him written out, off screen.

    Really lame reveal of the Gargoyle King.....make it someone who no one really cares about because Chic is now in prison so it's like who cares.

    As for the flash forward.....yeah, more than likely it's a fake out and they will cover for something pretty bad that Jug does. He probably kills someone so Archie, Betty and Veronica will cover for him.

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    Instead of making another thread for no one to post in it, I'll just post in this one.

    As of tonight's episode...[SPOILER] I don't think Jughead is dead. He had a plan and I think this is part of it to take down the Stonewell crew. I know atm it looks like Jug is really dead, but I doubt it. [/SPOILER]


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